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We started working on Grails from version 1.0 and we have worked with various later versions.

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We adopted javascript based end-to-end development in early 2013 and since then we have worked on various libraries

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We are one stop shop for cloud computing. We set up servers from scratch and work with you till final deployment.

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We have been developing web applicaton on various RDBMS databases and they work well for various scenarios.

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Is your data growing too big to be handled by your database ? We have worked with telecom companies

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Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems division has years of experience in building mission crtitical devices for various industries

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JellyFish Technologies is registered with Ministry of Corporate affairs New Delhi, India and operates from office situated in Noida (National Capital Region). It was established in the year 2011.

We follow agile methodology for project management as it allows us to gather feedback from our clients quickly and do the required changes in minimum possible time. Our developers regularly interact with our International clients and participate in live demo,online sessions. Our clients mainly include private sector organizations based in various countries like Canada,USA,Singapore etc.

We encourage learning among our employees and offer exceptional learning opportunities by providing formal training and organizing hackathon, sessions, seminars etc.

We firmly believe in making long-lasting business relationships with our clients. We do realize the very fact that being a small and emerging IT company, the most important aspect for us is our client’s trust and our integrity amp; commitment towards that trust. Because that is the only way we can emerge as a promising and honest organization.

So our primary focus is on client satisfaction and delivering goods under tight deadlines. We always keep your aspirations before ours and your benefits before ours.



We are agile by birth. At Jellyfish Technologies we believe in working closely with stakeholders and keep adapting to change at a fast pace. We keep communication open and keep delivering new version of application sprint by sprint. We usually follow daily/weekly scrum methodology because it allows both parties to measure progress and act accordingly.


We are growing at a rate of more than 100% every year and it has only been possible because of our team. We are always open to new ideas and we keep applying various fun ways to grow our team. We organize weekly meetups in our office and learn new technology. We encourage open source contribution and we give awards at the end of every month for best blogger and best presentor of month.


We believe in working hard and partying harder. There are 2 major and 2 minor outings every year. Ask any of our team member and they will tell you umpteen stories from “What happened in last trip ?”. We go bowling, river rafting, cliff jumping, bungee jumping and mountain trekking. Sounds fun ? Feel free to apply with your latest resume.

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Geofencing is actually a process of creating/defining geofence on the maps. It can be either circle,rectangle or n-sided polygon shaped. Geofence is nothing but a virtual boundary that is drawn on map. Geofence have many applications like:   If a vehicle moves out of a specified area(geofence) then we can send an alert to the owner […]

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Spring annotation in Grails 3

I was recently working on a grails project and found that it is possible to read the configuration/properties defined in application.yml using spring annotation in Grails 3. Its possible in Grails 3 because it uses Spring boot under the hood. Here is an example: Content of application.yml: server: sessionTimeout: 1200 contextPath: /eportal In the above method […]

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CSS Wildcard characters

Hello Everyone! Recently, I was working on a UI task and I had to give CSS styling to a div on the basis of ID. The div was being generated dynamically(with dynamic ID/class) using jquery mobile. I observed that the ID contained some identifiable pattern(along with dynamic numbers in between). I was looking for some […]

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