Enhancing Innovation & Digital Commerce Experience for a Leading Cloud Service Marketplace


About The Client

AppDirect is an award winning cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables companies to distribute web-based services globally. AppDirect powers the cloud marketplaces of trusted companies around the globe— including Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, Deutsche Telekom, Rackspace, Appcelerator, Samsung, British Telecom, Vodafone, Cisco, Infosys and a lot more.

.business situation

AppDirect provisions the inception of online stores with state-ofthe-art technology while integrating it with a cloud service marketplace within the shortest possible duration. It has been serving customers with the required flexibility and tailor made approach to complex web based applications.

The good folks at AppDirect were apprised about Jellyfish when they were looking for an organization that would extent the existing functionalities of their platform while concurrently working as an extension of their in-house development team. Perform tasks like setting up & managing online marketplace & ecommerce enabled stores for AppDirect’s customers was also a requisite.

Jellyfish had to work out a solution for the client which would entail integration of jBilling along with building new functionalities for the platform which used JAVA, Grails, Spring Boot, Hadoop, HBase & SQL architecture.

.The Three GI (3G-I) Approach


Several aspects of the platform required to be meticulously re-worked to make the virtual store more functional with fast transaction facility. This would entail seamlessly working with tons of data available on the cloud storage. The Jellyfish team initiated the project with integration of jBilling & easing out the payment process with integration of new payment gateways.


The client was looking for a solution that would revolutionize the operation core of its collaborative global teams. They needed the scalability approach to be offered towards the development of the online stores. The accessibility to the stakeholders with respect to ongoing developments on the project was a requisite too. Considering these, Jellyfish had to work around a solution that brought out the advantages of quicker turnaround time along with efficiency through interoperability.


Offering a flawless user experience was the basis for the development for the client. Jellyfish had to deliver a solution which would meet the development requirements of the ‘customers of AppDirect’. We suggested the use of Hadoop & Integrating it with SQL to avoid large pre processing of customer data. Being an open source architecture and having the HBase file system Hadoop could be integrated with the strength of SQL server to combat the challenges.

.how we did what we do best!

The development mavens at Jellyfish visited the client’s office for an extensive workout with meticulous observation about the requirement. We tested the existing system and then started refurbishing it while simultaneously building new functionalities in the cloud based e-commerce portal. A number of new features were added to the portal including bringing technical breakthrough in data management, payment clearance, and system maintenance. We also highlighted usage of significant smart-integrated processes to prevent data spamming and increase data safety protocols. The ecommerce portal once overhauled by Jellyfish had a fast data processing system, packed with a complete anti-hacking kit.

One of the remarkable contributions made by jellyfish experts was to digitize the payment gateway, and paperless documentation process. The team delivered 40000+ man hours of development effort within 1 year. The newly optimized online store now has reseller functionalities integrated with seamless billing process with zero manual intervention. With the capabilities incorporated by JellyFish, the platform is much more responsive and service providers are now able to launch a state-of-theart online store within a matter of weeks, while developers can make their software available across multiple marketplaces to worldwide audiences through AppDirect.