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Best Media and Entertainment App Ideas for 2024

There is no doubt that the mobile app sector is rapidly expanding. According to a Statista research report, revenue from mobile apps is predicted to reach $935 billion by 2023. The media and entertainment apps are at the top of the mobile app rankings.

The consumer today expects content, drama, and entertainment from a variety of sources and spends the majority of their time on mobile apps. According to a study conducted by emarketer, the average mobile time spent in an app is 4 hours.

As a result, designing apps for the media and entertainment industry might bring in a lot of money for your company. To begin, all you need is a grand idea and a fantastic team.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the most popular entertainment apps in 2021.

Famous media apps of 2021

NETFLIX- Netflix stays at the top of the chart for entertainment apps in 2021. Netflix is an online streaming app that offers various genres and also provides offline streaming when downloaded. In the year 2021, Netflix won 44 Emmy awards leaving other streaming platforms behind.

Amazon Prime video- Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming platforms which provides various streaming and binge-watching options to the user. It offers a subscription-based model.

Clubhouse- The clubhouse is a free entertainment app that allows users to chat through voice messages. Participants can join groups and participate in discussions; they can also create their groups and chat with friends and other users.

There are many other entertainment and media apps available in the market like Google Playbook, Audible, Xbox, IMDB, etc that have become popular this year.

Now given this, let’s look at some amazing app ideas.

Media and entertainment app ideas for 2022

  • Show booking app
    Consumers are very selective about their choice of program, place, timing, and rates. People constantly research their choice of booking. An app that tells people about the upcoming shows and movies and every detail regarding it in one place would be great.Developing an app that provides plenty of options to choose from will be user-friendly and allowing them to book instantly through online payment will also help make the app easier to use.
  • Short video making app
    Many social media platforms are now introducing short video features to their app. Making short videos have become trending as people like to express their talent through them.Making such apps with features like transitions, filters, and editing options will provide users with easy access as many apps now have limited features and editing options, and people need to use third-party apps to make their short videos up to mark. Hence, such an app providing people with the features of their choice can become a great hit.
  • Online music streaming app
    Imagine an app that provides all types of music genres of your choice and you can pick any song without having to download it or paying extra to listen to music.Online music streaming is a platform that will allow listeners to listen to new songs every day. You do not have to repeat the same playlist every time.
  • Live score app
    Many sports fans in the world follow different types of national or international series of games. Nowadays people do not have much time to follow the game live so people like to follow the live score of the match. Hence providing people with all the details of the match would be beneficial for the sports lover.The installed app on your mobile phone will keep you updated by giving a live score.
  • Social networking
    The most demanding app of all time is a social networking app. People tend to interact more on such platforms. They spend 60% of their time on social media. With a social networking app, people can connect with other people around the world, react to global issues, and get informed about all the trending news.Introducing social networking for your startup can be beneficial as people find it interesting to pass their time.
  • News provider app
    Nowadays people have very little time to watch television news or read newspapers. People now demand to get instant news and short news to catch up with all that is happening in the world.Developing a short news provider app can help you reach more people who tend to read the news daily but do not have much time to read through the whole article. They serve as both entertainment and media news.
  • Podcast and audiobooks app
    Podcasts are something that people like to listen to daily. The podcast listeners have grown specifically during the pandemicAs for audiobooks, people like to hear stories as much as they like to read. Audiobook apps like Audible are a great success. Creating an app that gives readers a wider variety of options and their personalized genres can be a boon to the media and entertainment market.
  • Virtual reality video games
    According to Statista, the video game industry is a billion-dollar industry and in 2020 it earned worldwide revenue of $37 billion in PC video games and $77 billion in mobile games. So, video games themselves have a scope of growth but adding the essence of virtual reality can be a win-win.


So, which app idea inspired you to start your own business in 2022?

There are a number of media and entertainment apps present in the app store hence, portraying your unique features and technology will help you grow your business.

Jellyfish Technologies offers the best app development concepts and assists you in creating a popular app.

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