In computer technology, we have become habitual of using kilobyte (KB) as 1024 bytes, megabyte (MB) as 1024*1024 (1,048,576) bytes. Most of us think that its correct, but it’s not. The International System of Units (SI) which defined the kilo, mega, giga,milli etc.) uses only base 10 values. A kilo is always equal to 1000 最佳的在线扑克 and this also applies to bytes. So, in 1998 IEC decided to introduce units that is applicable to computer science. Currently the multipliers used like kilo( K), mega (M), giga (G) etc. are ambiguous. In most science-related field, and when describing quantities of elements, these multipliers always refer to powers of 10. However,in computer science(While dealing with bytes), it refers to powers of 2.

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In December 1998 the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) enacted standards for binary prefixes, specifying the use of kilobyte to strictly denote 1000 bytes and kibibyte to denote 1024 bytes. By 2007, the IEC Standard had been adopted by the IEEE, EU, and NIST and is now part of the International System of Quantities. (Source:

The problem is that the industry has not adopted these standards.

You must be thinking that we always used MB = 1024*1024, why should be change now? The reason is clarity and unambiguity. NASA lost the Mars Orbiter because of metric confusion among engineers. Here is the link.

Thus to avoid confusion there should be a clear distinction between kibiBytes and kiloBytes. In you convert the bytes,KB,MB using google tool you will find the distinction:-

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