Facebook SDK :

no more 0Auth remote database…no more sign up form…use Facebook for sign up…

use own database to validate users…no more third party database…

short coding ( need only 2 JavaScript – sdk.js and facebook.js )

Fast implementation

[ This project can be improved using Spring security / boot etc for more security. I just explored how it works ]
Let’s Start with complete code with GIT repo.
You can clone it from my GIT-HUB account
download it -> unzip it -> run.
The project will look like above . . .
Then copy the facebook.js in your project Asset->javascript
[ Note: Please use your own Facebook App ID.
So that you can view your own statistics or reports.
Without app id, it will not work any more.
For creating Facebook-App, you can also leave comment.
Thanks. ]
In layout->main.gsp just attach “facebook.js”
code is longer than usual, so that I provided my whole code in Git-Hub.
For code you must have to visit my Git-Hub Code. You can also fork me on Git-Hub.
For any question please leave comments…