Hi Guys, this is my second blog post of this month. The title is “Using SQLFiddle”. In this post I am going to explain about a very useful online tool SQLFiddle which I have been using for a while. As JSFiddle is used to run and test CSS, JQuery etc, using SQLFiddle we can create schema online and run queries. SQLFiddle also generates a temporary URL which can be shared and used when asking questions on sites like StackOverflow. It provides excellent resource to check database queries for cross-db compatibility and many other aspects. There is a disadvantage that it does not support DB2 but it still supports various popular Databases like :-

  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle

Here is a screenshot:-

To create schema simply write the SQL commands to create table,insert the values to populate the table and then click on Build Schema button:-

Once the schema is created write the SQL queries which you want to run and click on Run SQL button:-

The result is displayed at the bottom of the page like this:-

The result can now be shared using the URL generated.

That was all about SQLFiddle. Here is the link of the sample schema which I have created on SQLFiddle. Link

Thanks 🙂