This blog is written for SPI communication between ADE7753 IC and NUC200VE3AN 32 bit microcontroller. If you want to know more about SPI communication, I would suggest you to read my another blog NUC200VE3AN SPI basic part 1.(link will post very soon)

It is recommended that both ADE7753 and NUC200VE3 must be operated at same voltage or you have to use a voltage translator. If you are not getting success, how to use voltage translator then read my another blog ADuM7642 as voltage translator and digital Isolator between two SPI devices

Source Code
Before writing the code I would like to share a brief overview of SPI connection diagram between ADE7753 IC and Nuvoton(Nuc200VE3AN). Here is diagram

Now SPI Driver code for ADE7753 IC is given below in which you will see how to initialize GPIO, SPI0, writing/reading data and UART0 too.

You will receive zero if AC input is not connected to ADE7753 IC so first connect AC input then do testing.

Still Have Issues:
Looking forward for your positive response but still if you are facing any problem please leave reply with your issue.