Remote pagination plugin gives the tag for pagination without the reload the page. It plugin can hit the ajax call and update the list or update the div.

page the BuildConfig.groovy file in plugins block. and grails version should be > 2.0.3. and I am using grails 2.2.2

Frist load the bookList action. and render the any of gsp page. eg. like bookList.gsp

after rendering the page.

add the tag in gsp page for pagination :

<util:remotePaginate total=”${Book.count() ?:0}” update=”book_list” controller=”book” action=”listBooks” params=”${params}” ></util:remotePaginate>

Hear total attribute total number count of book in the datebase.

update attribute is take the argument for update the div.

manage the parameter like offset , max and other parameters.

add the one method listBooks action in the bookController for update the div if you click pagination button.