I am in the middle of moving a big database dump or a tarball from production server to qa server and the connection gets stalled at 90%. Imagine this to be a file whose size is around 500MB and i will have to login again and redo the whole process. In the meantime i also pray to all gods that please don’t stall the connection this time.

This scenario has happened to me multiple times. Sometime i am working on a slow connection and it just won’t work. So what is the best way to resume scp connection ?. I did some reading and found out that rsync is the way to go. All we have to do is to combine the scp command with rsync and this guy will take care of everything. Here is the syntax for your reference :

user@servername.com:~/DbDumpAug_2_2013.sql : This is the name of file located on remote server.

DbDumpAug_2_2013.sql : The last argument defines the name of file by which it is downloaded on your machine. You are free to change this

No more frustration from now on. Hope it helps