Rich Snippets are additional pieces of collects information from the search engine is able to identify basic features and services on the page, by this it’s used to enhance the searcher’s understanding of the value of that particular page. Ratings, pricing, content, business category, and availability are commonly seen in e-commerce rich snippets.

The Search Engines provides rich snippets not to play favorites products with one page over another, but to enable searchers to make a more educated click decision and improve the likelihood that searchers will choose a page that satisfies their need. They describe the page’s relevance to the phrase that the searcher used as his search query, with the words that match the query shown in bold as shown below.

Common Ecommerce Rich Snippets-

Both Google and Bing support all of the rich snippet types most relevant to e-commerce sites. There are many more examples of rich snippets as-

  •                People/Authors
  •                Products
  •                Events
  •                Businesses and Organizations
  •                Video

People/Authors  This is a feature that Google added that allows users to see a photo of the author next to the article as well as some basic information about that author and other work that the author has written.


Products and Offers– The Product Engineering markup type also includes the ability to mark up product details, photo, and after identifying the product name, a variety of other attributes can be marked up as well, including price and availability. If the product is unique and only a limited number available, you can also use the “quantity” property.

Businesses and Organizations- If your company also manages brick-and-mortar stores, make certain to mark up the store pages. Valuable properties include address, geolocation, phone, and URL.

Event/Video- The Reviews markup type also includes the more commonly seen Reviews Aggregate. The commonly used properties are Item, Rating, and Count, the last of which identifies the number of reviews submitted. The Reviews markup type also includes the ability to mark up a product photo.

Ratings/Reviews- The ratings/reviews results can theoretically show up for products, businesses, or creative products like books and movies. In practice, Google Digital Services seems to have vastly decreased how frequently these show up.