This Blog is about creating Schematic library for PCB designing in Altium.
Schematic designing is an essential part of PCB designing. Firstly you draw a schematic design which is just like a circuit designing on software. This Schematic generates a netlist that is used for the PCB designing. But before you need a schematic components library that is not available online for every component. In this blog i will show you how to create a simple components library.

Step 1: Add a new component library as shown as follows. File-> New->Library->Schematic Library.

Step 2: Save this library file with a descriptive name. Say I save it as MiscDevices.Schlib

Step 3: Now goto Tools-> New Components for a new component to design.

Name the Component with its part number. Say i want to draw an Atmega328.

Step 4: Now right click on the page and goto Place-> Rectangle (for a rectangular component) All shapes can be drawn by the utilitytools in this list only as shown below.

Step 5: Now place the Rectangle at the origin, it is recommended to draw the component at the origin of the sheet otherwise it could create troubles in schematic.

Step 6: Now Place the pins on the rectangle. like below.

The pins will automatically increment itself as per previous pin placed. Name the pin by double clicking on it but remember the designator must be same as the pin number. Change the logical parameters of the pin so that it works best at the simulation.

The Component will look like below when completed.

After the component is created don’t forget to save all
Now you can create more components in the same library by clicking on new component and all the procedures.

Step 7: Now You can add your created component on the schematic design. goto your design sheet. right click on the page and click on Place Part. the following window will open Press the choose button and then you will have to install the library.

Step 8: Installing the library : Click on browse button and Select Available libraries-> Installed Tab. and install your library by pressing install and browse the SchLib file.

Now as soon as the library is installed you will find your created component and place it in your Schematic File and proceed wirings.

Happy Designing 🙂