Hello guys,

Today, I will show you ‘How to set custom Google fonts in an ionic app’.

Let’s started,
There are following steps to use font style in your app:
Step 1: We will select a font style from ‘https://fonts.google.com‘.

Step 2: Click the ‘1 Family Selected’ bar on the bottom and you will see something like this:

Step 3: Copy this link to get font style to download URL.

Step 4: The woff2 file will download from the above URL ‘https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/josefinslab/v8/lW-5wjwOK3Ps5GSJlNNkMalnqg6v.woff2‘.

Step 5: Now copy this file to your ionic project.

Create a new folder called fonts in the src/assets folder of your project.

Copy a woff2 file to the src/assets/fonts folder.

Next, we have to define the font in the style sheet.
Add the following lines to the app.scss file in the src/app folder of your Ionic 2 app:

I hope you have find this blog useful. If any extra information is required please comment below.

Happy Coding. 🙂