Spring is a very popular java based framework for building web application.All frameworks are the collection of interfaces and classes.We use xml,annotations,many features in spring framework.Due to these features of spring ,it is  very complex to understand and use.To overcome this problem spring team created spring boot.

Spring Boot-

Spring boot provides the very simple and faster way to setup, configure any web application as comparision to spring framework.in spring framework you have to do all things yourself like configuration file .you have to add all dependencies explicitly it is a main disadvantage of spring frame work.In other hand spring boot boot smartly add your dependencies and auto configure all files it self.which dependency you want to add you have to select at the creation time of application and then spring boot add that particular dependency.We can any IDE for building the spring boot application like Eclipse,Spring Tool Suit,IntelliJ.

Firstly lets see the features of spring boot that makes it easy to use and understand.

Spring boot Features-

Auto-Configuration-Spring Boot provides the auto-configuration facility,developers provides the hint at the creation time of application and it configure all the file and add the dependencies itself.

Properties-File-Spring Boot provides rich set of Application Properties.So we can use that in properties files of our project.properties file is used to set the properties like Server-port = 8082, and if we want to use database then we provide the database related information.

Developing your first spring boot application-

Let’s develop a simple “Hello World!” to get familiar with spring boot’s key features. We will use maven to build this project since most IDEs support it.Create Spring Initializr project in any ide.

We should add the dependency in pom.xml file first, then it will be used to build your project.

Application Class

. Now create your controller class

Now run your application on any browser on default port 8080.