MongoDB is a very impressive cross-platform, document-oriented database that can be used in the most type of projects. its an open source edition and built-in C++ language. MongoDB most popular in NoSQL database.

Why use MongoDB?

The most and main benefits of MongoDB is that it’s a Schema-less database architecture. Means its a NoSQL database.MongoDB one collection can holds different documents. It’s Deep query-ability. MongoDB supports dynamic queries on documents using a document-based query language that’s nearly as powerful as SQL. So no complex joins.

JSON based document schema

For API if the output data in JSON format so MongoDB is awesome in handling those request because of MongoDB uses JSON based document storage schema also called BSON.

Location Based Query

MongoDB has a feature like location-based query like if you are going to build a project that has location-based features like location finding, location-based event tracking and like other things. So MongoDB is the only free document storage NoSQL database with inbuilt geospatial features.

Processing of data records

MongoDB Aggregation method is powerful Aggregations operations process data records and returns computed results. Aggregation also group value from different collections or document can perform a variety of operations on records. and return accurate records which we want to fetch.

MongoDB operators

In MongoDB there are different kinds of operators are used for data processing. like Query and Projection OperatorsUpdate OperatorsAggregation Pipeline Operators. These operators are very useful for aggregations operations and data processing and returns computed results.

So feel free to use MongoDB, it’s an awesome NoSQL database for storing millions of data and easy way to fetch computed data and apply analytics on data like Big Data etc.