Recently, I had to create few pull requests to other repositories and in order to do that I had to track the code on some repositories for updating my copy and finally publishing my changes to them. In such situation following steps/commands can help:

  1. Add the repository you want to track with the following git command

     git remote add <give a name to the repo> <URL to the repo> 


     git remote add anotherGitRepo git@url 
  2. Fetch the repository
     git fetch anotherGitRepo 

    this will fetch all the remote branches. You can check those branches with following command:

     git branch -a 

    this will list all the branches from origin and your newly added anotherGitRepo.

  3. Now, you can checkout the branch which you want to track from newly added repo

     git checkout -b otherMaster anotherGitRepo/master 

    Now, you can merge this otherMaster into any of your branches.

  4. If you have write access to newly added repo i.e. anotherGitRepo, you can pretty much publish your changes to it.
    e.g. you can push a branch to it like:

     git push anotherGitRepo <some branch> 
  5. And when you are done you can remove the new repository with the following git command
     git remote rm anotherGitRepo 

Hope, it helps. 🙂