In this post, I will explain how we can add images using dynamic path in Jrxml. First of all, we need to add the image component to JRXML file. Click on Window Menu> Palette and then drag-drop the image component on the designer window.

Once we add image component we can add a parameter which will receive the path value while creating jrxml report object from grails.

After adding parameter we select image > select image expression property:

Click Edit button on the right and add the expression value:

In grails we can put the image file in /web-app/images folder  and all we have to do is to pass the path of the image as parameters. We can obtain the full path of the application’s image folder using servletContext(Documentation) like this:

Now we can pass the params to jrxml as parameters like this:

After creating the JasperReportDef object we can generate the report using jasperService.generateReport(reportDef).

That was all! Hope it helps 🙂