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A US-based fintech company with whom we had been working for a long time on different projects, wanted to implement a secure certificate vault to store financial documents of its clients such as insurance policies, share certificates, and security certificates, among others.

Though we didn’t have any previous experience in blockchain development, the client entrusted us with the implementation of the certificate vault on the basis of our previous work with it. This trust motivated us to explore new verticals of software development and deliver solutions beyond our imagined capabilities.

Requirements & Challenges

After understanding the client’s requirements, the following challenges were identified by the Jellyfish Technologies team:

Key Challenges:

  • Certificates as files could be uploaded from multiple sources such as direct uploads from the web or mobile app, auto uploads of mail attachments to the vault etc.
  • Alterations to the uploaded certificates should be easily detected and discarded.
  • Users should be able to access their certificates from anywhere using the web or mobile.
  • Uploaded certificates should be available to the users even if the servers are damaged by any natural or man-made calamity.

Our Solution

We developed the following solution for the client:

  • Web & mobile applications were developed for the users to upload and access their certificates.
  • A mail server hook was developed to upload attachments to the vault automatically.
  • The vault was implemented on the AWS as private cross-region replication s3 buckets.
  • To verify the integrity of the uploaded certificates in the vault, a blockchain based solution was implemented. A smart contract containing the file names and their hashes was created and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • An API was exposed for the web & mobile applications to interact with the smart contract on the blockchain.

Key Benefits

  • Users of the client got web & mobile based interfaces to upload and access their certificates securely from anywhere in the world.
  • The client got the certificate vault implemented without incurring the huge cost of in-house development.
  • Jellyfish Technologies added one more happy client to its list.


The application worked as anticipated. Users were able to upload and access their certificates from anywhere. Dependability of the vault is guaranteed by the cross-region replication of the s3 buckets. Mail server hook enabled the auto uploading of the attachments to the vault.

Alterations to the uploaded documents were easily detected as follows: Whenever a certificate was altered, its hash got changed. By comparing this hash to the original hash stored in the blockchain, the application was able to figure out that the certificate on the server was an altered one.


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