Whisker and paw Chatbot



Whisker and Paw (W+P) was founded on the belief that pet healthcare should be just as simple and sophisticated as human healthcare, but with even more convenience – by being offered on-demand, like a card ride service or take-out.

The W+P ecosystem brings information and service into one spectrum - it is fully automated, seamless, and leans on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). By maximizing the technological advances of AI and providing this innovative tool to vets and pet owners, W+P offers a unique combination of services leveraging industry-leading expertise to support the community of vets and pet owners in an efficient and effective manner. W+P strives to be a trusted resource for information and care by delivering on-demand, and affordable access to quality pet care through a suite of services utilizing AI. W+ P offers an on-demand chatbot, called PetBot, powered by Dialogflow.

Requirements & Challenges

The W+P goal was to connect its pet owner network with its renowned veterinarian community effectively and interactively. The solution was to build a mobile application along with a personal intelligent chatbot which can reduce the time spent to book an appointment, find a doctor or update pet medical details by 50%.

Key Challenges:

  • Making the chatbot more personal and human-like by integrating natural language understanding provided by Dialogflow
  • Making sure the AI part of the chatbot gets the greater load by providing interactive buttons, cards and other tools on the user side
  • Integrating the same chatbot on multiple social platforms with identical service
  • Temporarily archiving the history of the chatbot conversation
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Our Solution

The W+P goal was to make their pet owner network happier by providing a chatbot with rich functionality. Constant brainstorming between our AI developers and business teams of W+P led us to tweak, enhance and remove some features. Below are the solutions we provided:

  • Easy availability of Dialogflow entities to the teams of W+P to enable them to modify the intrinsic behaviour of the chatbot in future, if required
  • Decentralized access to the chatbot via integration with well known social platforms by using webhooks, REST APIs and other Machine Learning libraries

Key Benefits

  • Our chatbot can understand users’ behaviour and mood and provide required comfort using Dialogflow ‘small talk’ feature.
  • Increased conversion rate by interacting with the customers the way they like
  • Multiple platform integration benefits with one-time development using Dialogflow
  • One more happy client for Jellyfish Technologies
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Pet owner user experience on the current W+P app got streamlined via increased features, natural conversations and personalized services. The app is accessible through multiple social platforms that in turn helps increase W+P customer base.