Chisel Analytics



Chisel Analytics is a Texas (US) based startup that has envisaged a dedicated platform for analytics professionals where business organizations can find, integrate, collaborate with, and manage their on-demand and internal analytics teams, keep track of their data-driven efforts, and highlight the core insights they gain across their organization.

The main idea behind this platform is that business organizations produce large volumes of data from operations, transactions, web activity, and IOT but they struggle to turn this information into insight as a result they fail to serve their customers better or to refine their products, services and operations.

Chisel Analytics aims to help the business organizations find the right talents and tools to turn their business information into business insight and to help the analytics specialists discover new challenges and opportunities.


Founders of Chisel Analytics approached us to implement their vision into a web based platform to help business organizations and analytics professionals to unlock their potential through collaboration. Following were the main requirements of the platform:

  • Responsiveness and scalability.
  • Different types of subscriptions.
  • Recruitment as well as project management support.
  • Integrated chat and video calls.
  • Documents sharing.
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Our Solution

After an in-depth assessment and consultation, we developed Chisel Analytics as a web based collaboration platform having admin, organization and consultant portals.

  • Consultant portal is designed for analytics consultants to create and manage their profiles, view and manage subscription plans, view job offers, submit their proposals, manage and collaborate on the assigned projects, add and manage staff, manage and receive notifications of different activities of the platform etc.
  • Organization portal is designed for business organizations to create and manage their profiles, view and manage subscription plans, search analytics consultants, submit job offers, view proposals, conduct interviews, assign projects to consultants, manage and collaborate ongoing projects, add and manage staff, receive notifications of different activities of the platform etc.
  • Admin portal is designed for the platform admin to view registered consultants, organizations, ongoing projects and job offers, approve or disapprove consultants on the platform, and receive notifications of different activities of the platform etc.

Key Benefits

  • Facility of searching analytics professionals, hiring them and managing analytics projects on the same platform simplified the analytics process drastically for the business organizations.
  • The platform provided short term and long term opportunities to the analytics professionals to revitalize and grow their career in a flexible manner by leveraging their skills in helping multiple organizations plan and execute their analytics projects.
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We delivered the platform within the stipulated timeline having all features envisioned by the Chisel founders. The platform was well received by the business organizations and analytics professionals and some of the big business organizations of the USA and a large number of analytics professionals have started using it. Buoyed by the response, Chisel founders approved new phases of the platform having new features and design improvements and again entrusted us to manifest those into reality.