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Analytic Professional Platform

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Web Application


About the Client

Based in Texas, USA, Chisel Analytics is an innovative startup that envisions a dedicated platform for analytics professionals. This platform enables business organizations to discover, integrate, collaborate with, and manage their on-demand and internal analytics teams.

By facilitating effective tracking of data-driven efforts and highlighting essential insights, Chisel Analytics aims to assist businesses in leveraging their data for improved customer service, refined products, and operational enhancements. The platform also offers analytics specialists opportunities to explore new challenges and avenues within their field.

Business Requirements

The founders of Chisel Analytics approached us with a vision to create a web-based platform that fosters collaboration and empowerment for both business organizations and analytics professionals.

Our task encompassed various crucial requirements, such as ensuring responsive scalability to accommodate diverse needs, offering a range of subscription options for user flexibility, integrating robust features for recruitment and project management support, facilitating seamless communication through embedded chat and video calls, and streamlining collaboration through efficient document sharing.

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Our Solution

Through thorough assessment and consultation, Chisel Analytics was developed as a web-based collaboration platform, encompassing distinct admin, organization, and consultant portals.


The Chisel Analytics platform delivered significant benefits. The streamlined process of searching, hiring, and managing analytics professionals on a single platform revolutionized business organizations' analytics endeavors. Simultaneously, analytics professionals gained short-term and long-term opportunities to advance their careers flexibly, contributing their skills to multiple organizations' analytics projects.

This led to increased adoption of this platform among business organizations and analytics professionals alike. Encouraged by this response, Chisel founders initiated new platform phases, featuring enhanced features and design. Once again, they entrusted us with realizing their vision, marking a continued partnership of success.

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