Data Science and AI

Data Science and AI

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In today’s fast-paced environment, accomplishing the desired goal is not easy as it seems. It is complex and requires years of experience with great guidance to build a fortune. To achieve high performance, it is essential to strike the right balance between humans and machines, artificial intelligence and automation, data science, and business analytics.

At Jellyfish Technologies, we leverage our talent and extensive experience to provide top-notch IT services to businesses worldwide. With our cutting-edge data and AI strategies, we can help you discover your true potential and enhance your business performance.

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Our IT service monitors client data and field assets in real-time using modern location technologies. Based on strong APIs, our location and proximity apps provide accurate time predictions, real-time location monitoring, and traffic situation updates.

We bring ideas to reality by providing future-based IoT services. We have a proven track record of designing, prototyping, and developing IoT products that ensure businesses stay ahead in the game.

We use AI and machine learning to build and improve business operations. We assist them in expanding data management, risk elimination, efficiency optimization, and decision-making.

We offer self-learning, next-gen AI-driven NLP solutions, that read and decipher multiple human languages, contextual nuances, and industry-specific terminologies for improved customer experience and multiple other business processes.

Our end-to-end RPA services streamline communication, enforce responsibility, save expenses, and eliminate manual errors. RPA consultation, planning, design, implementation, and support are among the services we provide.

Our data scientists and analysts utilize advanced and interactive tools to change the landscape of data integration. Our IT services help businesses to turn large data sets into elegant and easy-to-understand visual stories, enabling them to spot meaningful trends and insights.

We render a full range of BI services, from data analytics to BI consulting, implementation, support, and evolution. Additionally, our BI support and services cover maintenance for development, administration, and power BI.

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