More than products, prices, or tools, it is a great experience that sparks powerful emotions that ultimately shape customer buying patterns and brand loyalty. Simply adding digital tools on top of your marketing or services is not enough for a holistic digital customer experience. Crafting a DCX (Digital Customer Experience) requires clarity and a defined customer experience strategy, if you want to become a customer experience leader.

Brands with great DCX provide a cohesive, consistent, and frictionless online experience that delights their customers as they switch between different channels in their customer experience journey.

Jellyfish Technologies helps brands deliver engaging digital experiences with experience design, modern applications, and a human touch.

Embrace a customer-centric view of your business

Digital CX isn’t exclusive to customer-based businesses. It applies to every industry that provides services to external and internal users as well as employees and partners.

Digital customer experience services are designed to work within your existing business processes and technologies.

Great customer experiences don’t just happen.

Create them with Jellyfish Technologies digital customer experience (DCX) solutions.

The promise of a powerful digital customer experience (CX) strategy

How well do you put your customers first? Your customers can sense when there's a disconnect or when a human element is missing. We do the hard work of mapping your customer journeys so you always come out ahead. We proactively identify and fix broken experiences long before they drive your customers away.

We help brands combine great products with powerful digital experiences and memorable human connections for better customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Our digital customer experiences service team has developed a solid digital customer experience maturity assessment framework, based on channel flexibility, reachability, service convenience, purchase convenience, simplicity and ease of use, and personalization. The result is DCX excellence across different digital touchpoints.

Digital customer experience offerings

Our digital customer experience (DCX) solutions focus on both front-end services and back-office process optimization that ultimately benefits customers. These solutions connect data across different interaction points.

Collaboration & Community

Interactive web-based portals for business collaboration and community engagement. Build strong customer relationships that extend beyond the purchase.

Customer-facing Apps

Mobile-first, wearable, and foldable apps for iOS and Android, that incorporate AI & ML, and immersive features for a range of customer-facing functions.

Personalization and Loyalty

Loyalty program apps with AI-driven personalization for enhanced customer experience and insights, easier retention, and increased upsell/cross-sell. Create personalized web experiences that attract customers.

Subscription Commerce

eCommerce platforms on the cloud that connect channels, developers, and customers to sell and manage products with configurable, recurring billing and automatic shipping.

Website Replatform

Brand and marketing website revamps covering design revamp, content management / e-commerce platform upgrades, and migration to the cloud. Unify your existing as well as new systems into one powerful platform.

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