What is Electron JS?

Electron JS is an open-source framework developed by GitHub, majorly used to build desktop apps as a GUI framework. It is a combination of Node.js and Chromium technologies, where Node.js is used for the back-end operations and Chromium for the front-end. This framework allows developers to build cross-platform desktop apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The desktop apps created using electron JS can be smoothly deployed to Mac, Linux, or Windows as per the need. Hence, it reduces the overall expenditure of the app.

Why Electron JS is useful for business applications

Electron JS is one of the successful and popular desktop app frameworks. The reasons for the adopting this technology to business applications are:

  • Easy to Learn- Since the electron JS apps are similar to web apps, developers find it easy to design, understand the basic web application structure and deploy the inbuilt business logic. This is both a time saving and cost-effective for developers and the end-users.

  • Chromium Browser- Chromium Browser- Electron JS uses Chromium for UI display. This promotes the implanting of all the latest/updated features of chrome. It also includes a hot reloading and live reloading feature that allows quick reloading and streamlining. The need for an external debugger is reduced with Chromium as it can alone detect errors and memory leakage.

  • Data Security- The entire information is stored locally in the system. Therefore the transferring of the existing app to the cross-platform app using Electron JS is highly safe and secure.

  • High Performance and Reusable Framework- The development of electron JS apps is much faster than the native apps as only one code is implemented in multiple platforms. With this feature, an electron JS can be used for both desktop and web apps resulting in a reusable framework. It also increases the functionality and performance of the apps.

  • Cost & Time Effectiveness- Electron JS framework is highly recommended by the developers as it takes less time and cost to develop a desktop application.


Some popular desktop applications built on the Electron JS platform

1. Torrent Desktop Apps:

Millions of people across the globe use torrent websites to download and share files securely on both smartphones and computer devices. WebTorrent app is built on Electron JS, written in JavaScript, and handles peer-to-peer connection through WebRTC.

2. CMS (Content Management Systems) Desktop Apps:

CMS has eased the process of creating and managing digital content. Some of the examples are Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and Alfresco.

  • Wordpress: The desktop version of WordPress is the new and cross-platform experience allowing consumers to focus highly on content creation.
  • Ghost: It is an open-source platform that allows the user to create and run their online publications privately. The desktop version is built on Electron JS allowing the users to focus on writing by integrating features like Shortcuts (while writing) and multiple blog management systems.

3. Messaging Apps:

The majority of the desktop applications are built on electron JS, for example, Slack Desktop (for macOS). The slack Desktop app is developed under the electron JS framework, hence it is fast and user-friendly. One more example of messaging apps is the Whatsapp Desktop app.

Electron JS Development Services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies provide end-to-end electron JS app development, electron JS web development, and quick desktop application development services. We believe in maximum reusability of code with Electron JS, which can adapt itself to all the other major platforms. Our strategy includes a deep analysis of the business requirements, designing the codes and deployment of an entirely functional app for your business.

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