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Creating meaningful user experiences that deepens customer engagement, increases conversion rates & strengthen brands.

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At JellyFish, we understand the importance and impact of human-centric user experience. We collaborate with businesses to improve the end-user experience of their IT applications. We provide high-value UX expertise to solve the toughest challenges and deliver delightful experiences. Our user experience design services create an immersive experience – ultimately delivering productivity, adoption and advocacy.

We bring together a blend of UX design capabilities to ensure impactful experiences and design implementations. Our design initiatives are tightly integrated with business objectives, giving you the best possible experience when using websites, applications and software. Whether you are exploring digital business transformation for consumers or internal digitization to improve your productivity; Our comprehensive and modular ‘User experience design services’ is the answer.

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Creative Concepting

We make use of global market research to offer creative concepting solutions that are strategic, simple and stunning. Our creative concepting pushes the boundaries to create exciting and appealing applications, that captures the very essence of user experience.

Our designs are straight-forward, professional and inspired, and is a magical synergy of form, function and interactivity.

wireframing and prototyping


By helping you identify a strategy to support both user needs and your business goals, we design a user interface that is visually appealing and highly intuitive.

Our meticulous planning and careful mapping of every phase in the design lifecycle helps us align assumptions with real user experience. We manage, optimize, refine and iterate all user touch points, both structurally and aesthetically throughout the process.

websites audit and Analysis Solutions


By marrying meticulous methodology with core usability principles, we make sure that our testing encases all the areas of the website, product or app that needs to be audited.

Our Usability Testing and Audit Solutions enhances the accessibility of our applications and websites; and ensure an optimized customer experience, compliance with regulations, industry standards and guidelines.

wireframing and prototyping solutions


Wireframe & protypes are the foundations of a product application. Having a foundation that is strong is key to a strong product.

We know what works best for your users; and therefore, we use iterative design services to get to the right answer before we move towards development. Done early on in the design process, our prototyping and wireframing solutions saves you the big bucks in the long run, and helps you identify usability issues before the application goes live.