Consolidating New Capabilities In World’s Leading Open Source Billing Platform


About The Client

jBilling is world’s first enterprise grade open source billing cloud service provider and is recognized industry wide for providing the much needed flexibility, agility & customization for complex billing tasks. With their unique product architecture & hosted billing service, the jBilling team, spanning 4 continents, is on a mission to provide the best billing cloud service for organisations with complex business rules.

.business situation

jBilling had it’s eyes set on becoming world's leading open source billing solutions provider. Historically, jBilling had been following a fragile process and used complex technology. Subsequently, it required manual ‘eyeballing’ to identify loopholes in the billing process. This wasn’t going to be sustainable in the long run, with the growth of business; as it constantly represented billing integration challenges.

It became essential to tread carefully and to ensure that small changes in the billing system don’t interfere with any of the existing interfaces or functionalities. Apart from developing capabilities to serve new industry verticals, the client was looking for a solution to be served which would provide scalability in the functional areas and tackle the intricacies involved in complex billing. With very specific technical requirements, and an aggressive timeline to be met – coupled with the complex architecture of the application, it was a challenge to build on these constraints and integrate enhanced functionalities into the core system.

.The Three GI (3G-I) Approach


The complexity of having the technical requirement met over a shorter deadline along with building a framework to combat the complex architecture of the app was the need of the hour. Jellyfish started the project with only high-level details and lightweight documentation, raising significant challenges – from the complexity of the integration to the stakeholders.


Jellyfish worked with key team members at the Client’s location to understand their account needs, billing practices and requirements. Additionally, Jellyfish met with current billing system users to understand how they were using the system, took note of suggested improvements, as well as the differences in how they used the application. Simultaneously, Jellyfish also analysed the existing application and its data to understand current functionality and enhancement needs.


We compiled a list of gaps between the current system and the needs of the affiliates. We also noted the new requirements and suggested enhancements to eliminate these gaps. To meet the large scale pre-processing of raw data we suggested the use of Hadoop & integrating it with the existing MySQL database. Significant changes to the UI, backend, database and the architecture of the app were accepted by the client based on our suggestions.

.how we did what we do best!

Jellyfish approached the project in an agile manner which allowed its team to advance smoothly through the different stages of integration & development. We sampled larger datasets as part of the billing app and built a solution which entailed quicker turnaround time and helped the client in generating more revenue. Throughout the implementation stages, change requests from users were integrated in the development cycles in progress. The technology stack for this project included Java, Spring, Grails, Hadoop, MySQL & integration of activity workflow.

Jellyfish managed to successfully implement the system within budget and on time, delivering 27000+ man hours of effort within 1 year. The platform, once overhauled by the Jellyfish team, now had a well secured and smooth running system which was able to handle larger datasets and the large corpus of documents with the batch mapping functionalities.
The quality and timely development and delivery from Jellyfish exceeded the client’s expectations and also allowed them to successfully launch, in due time, the new capabilities and offerings which had been announced and committed.