Project Type

Mobile application


About the Client

Kjuup (FKA Immosnapp) is a closed platform that facilitates communication and networking between different stakeholders of the real estate industry.

It allows different real estate companies to showcase their projects, advertise their spare capacities, connect for any queries, and rent/buy properties from one another.

Business Requirements

The company was looking for a development partner to convert the vision of the founders into an aesthetically designed and high-performance mobile application for Android and iOS platforms within the stipulated time frame.

Our Solution

After an in-depth assessment and consultation, we developed Kjuup with the following innovative solutions:


With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, our client was able to launch an application that provides a platform for real estate professionals and enterprises to communicate and collaborate on ongoing and completed projects.

It helped facilitate intra-industry communication and build a high-quality homogenous network of professionals with common goals in mind.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list.

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