About The Client

LISNx is revolutionizing the way people connect online. Remembering emails, noting down phone numbers, looking up on social networks or exchanging business cards are old school. Founded by a passionate team of dynamic individuals, with background in successful social networking start-ups, LISNx introduces a simple way of connecting and keeping in touch with people you meet. It is a rapidly expanding social media platform with lot of enthusiastic visitors.

.business situation

The founding team of LISNx was looking for a compact & powerful solution to be developed based on their concept that could smarten up the social media space and allow people to connect with other individuals in their proximity instantly. The rudimentary ideology behind the development of product was that conventional ecommunication platforms needed a complete sea-change, top-tobottom.

Developing a mobile app that incorporates new age functionalities and concurrently addresses the challenges of the traditional mediums required use of specific technologies, innovative development methodologies and linear work flow. The technical & conceptual loopholes were required to be tracked and removed immediately prior to launch to build great user experience amongst global audiences. Certainly, the technological solution built was to be optimized for data usage, location identifier, one touch instant connections, online communication, business promotion, e-global product endorsement and live messaging. Integration of the platform with existing social media platforms like Facebook and LInkedin was a must for rapid expansion.

.The Three GI (3G-I) Approach


Jellyfish tailored the project to wipe out the technical shortcomings and to accelerate the popularity of LISNx platform globally and to reach a huge number of people in a single go. Certainly the main focus was to build a robust Geo Location Tagging mechanism and to manage memory issues that arise due to the fixed amount of physical memory and limited battery life of handheld devices.


Jellyfish had to build a solution which was flexible, catered to the future requirements of the client and is built to be scalable, if & when the need arises. During our kick-off interview sessions with the LISNx team, we figured the potential vulnerabilities associated with similar social networking apps and how to address the unwanted scenarios where a user might face issues with another user. Maintaining user privacy, avoiding spam & prohibiting certain words in messages sent through the app was mission critical.


We compiled a list of challenges and addressed each of them individually, head on. We suggested use of Automatic Reference Count to manage the memory crash issues and improvise the app performance. We customized the live messenger to give warning messages if prohibited words were used and to even put temporary block on profiles after a specific number of violations. We also recognized a need for an admin panel to manage the app and to configure setting.

.how we did what we do best!

The Jellyfish team started with building and implementing a customized geo location tagging feature which would inform the users of other LISNx users in their vicinity. Push notifications were used to send messages informing users about events, conversations, people etc. in a particular location. Integrating a live messenger for personal & group chat was next. We then focused our energies to build an intuitive admin panel and refining the UI. Using Grails along with SQL lite, we made certain that the app delivers a smooth, nippy & ‘Grade A’ user experience.
Once the key functional requirements were met, we customized the app to ensure user privacy and worked on enhancing the overall security and building a cloud based mobile infrastructure.

Jellyfish successfully delivered the app within the specified budget and on time. The LISNx team was now ready to launch in market with an app that offers a unique social experience, without compromising on their privacy. With a dedicated team of project managers and post delivery service and maintenance, LISNx was able to constantly innovate and add new features to their app. As of today, LISNx is one of the fastest growing social platform in the market that attracts thousands of new users daily.