Would you push geographically significant promotions out to people based on their location? Or would you pull people in, who are in discovery mode?
Our reliable and secure location and proximity solutions will help you do both – based on what you’re interested in – where your customers are (location) or whether two mobile devices are near each other (proximity).
Just for the record, the latter will create more buzz about your business.

When all you're really interested in is proximity, and location is irrelevant, a beacon proximity solution comes to the aid. But if location is what you're after, you're looking at real-time location with high accuracy, the kind that only a very large and expensive beacon infrastructure can provide.

Well there's a more intelligent and economical way to achieve even greater accuracy – by using beacons in combination with other wireless location technologies like GPS, GeoFencing, Google Maps, RFID, Barcodes, and Bluetooth.

Our location-based software solutions leverage all these location technologies and aim at targeting and monitoring customer & ops data and field assets on a real-time basis. The location insights are similar to website analytics.

In situations where the less reliable GPS can only provide a rough position estimate at best, with high margin of errors, our geolocation software solutions with much advanced location-based technologies like microlocation ensure accurate and effective targeting, along with protecting customers' sensitive data.

The best part? Our software doesn't require massive renovations to be implemented and can work within your existing infrastructure. And they work in complex indoor environments, such as entertainment venues, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hotels, warehouses, parking lots, emergency services, and banks.

Ready to make your location tracking game stronger than ever?

The Incredible Benefits of Location and Proximity Solutions

Location and proximity targeting is the strategy that gets you higher brand impact in a completely automated way, without requiring any physical effort at your end.

From information to insights, location and proximity solutions enable you to:

Gain a competitive edge

Analyze your target audience and create a personalized interactive environment for them by serving them the right content at the right place and time.

Track your in-store customers

Track the real-time location of your in-store customers accurately, within close proximity. Determine detailed customer shopping patterns and foot traffic patterns via accurate indoor tracking. Personalize your marketing messages, optimize your store layouts, and predict future customer scenarios based on the captured data.

Track and manage assets accurately

Forget losing precious time searching for a specific product out of a large lot. Microlocation-enabled software with sensors, proximity beacons and real-time tracking will help you locate a specific product amongst hundreds of thousands of them in the same lot, with high accuracy, possibly in centimetres.

Get insights on consumer’s purchase history and behavior

Leverage real-time customer data and purchase maps to send relevant push notifications and advertisements, and map out future proximity marketing campaigns to drive your customers to make a purchase.

Increase app engagement and app retention

Increase user engagement, brand loyalty, and customer retention using app engagement tools like geotargeting in conjunction with beacon-based push notifications.

Make Geotargeting easy

Geofence and beacon technology enables you to send push notifications to anyone present within a geofence or near to a beacon. Get more detailed location data than GPS or WiFi tracking.

Create a hyper personalized customer experience

Personalize the experience of multiple customers at once with data gathered on each of them. Think beyond sending just personalized messages to your app users. Offer a hyper-customized experience to selected loyal customers with special offers and discounts.

Get immediate conversions

Increase app engagement and conversions by connecting with prospects when they are most likely to make a purchase from your brand. Prompt customers at the perfect timing, with enticing offers and discounts.

Our Expertise in Location and Proximity-Based Solutions

We leverage the latest and most advanced JavaScript frameworks, trends, and functionalities in all our JS based development projects to cater to the multiple needs of different businesses.

We are well known for our highly-secure geolocation apps with smart navigation functionality, power consumption optimization, and powerful estimation features.

Security is our top priority

We ensure top-notch security in our geolocation apps by using multi-factor authentication and SSL certificates, and encrypting communications and sensitive data with algorithms like RSA.

Real-time location determination

Our engineering team uses specific, native APIs for different app platforms to focus on functionality for precise, real-time location determination.

Map implementation

We implement a map in our location and proximity applications using Google Google Maps APIs, Open Streets API and other similar APIs and frameworks.

Use of Places API

We use the powerful Places API when adding places to our geolocation apps. When augmented with the needed places, our app's map is more valuable than ever.

Navigation and routing functionality

We utilize advanced API tools like Google Maps Directions API and Google Distance Matrix API to develop navigation and route planning functionality for smarter and more comfortable navigational experience.

The estimation features

Built on powerful APIs like Bing Route Data API, our location and proximity apps have strong estimation capabilities. They track up-to-minute location, show road traffic conditions, calculate the approximate speed, and provide accurate time estimations.

Battery consumption optimization

We employ the best practices to minimize energy consumption in our geolocation apps.

Tech Stack Used in Our Location and Proximity-Based Solutions

Lucky Charge

Lucky Charge is a network of portable power banks in use at restaurants, bars, cafes, that customers can pick up at any time to charge their smartphones directly at their tables. In addition, they give users access to a social platform loaded with ads, special offers, discounts, events, and customized promotions to inform their clients about what’s going on in your venue. Users are offered to watch short advertising in exchange for a free battery charge which converts simple visitors into loyal customers. We developed complete Battery charger Firmware and mobile app POC for them which is AOA and MFi approved.

Punk Shocker App

Punk Shocker App is a product developed by us for a Canada based client. This is a GPS and 4G/CAT-M1 based tracking device which consists of mp3 alarm playback of recorded voice alerts and stun shock mechanism in case of bike theft. We developed a concealed tracking device with Android and IOS applications.

For this, it has a smart contract deployed on Ropsten network and also has transaction authorization APIs. Authorization system was to be integrated to the Blockchain ledger.

Mommy’s Help

Mommy’s Help is a GPS and 4G/CAT-M1 based personal tracking device. This device is capable of streaming locations on-demand and live tracking. We developed this product for a US-based client. This product is a very small and lightweight wearable tracker that just sizes by 2 quarters in length. This is a very low power consuming a product that can give a backup for up to 2 months.

Smart Socket
An IOT based smart socket.

Want to control your electronic appliances remotely. Then "Smart Socket" is what you need, just on and off your appliances by a click on the app or let the app manage them using the given schedule.

Project Category:-Mobile application

Geotargeting + Beacon-based push notifications = Increased app engagement & retention

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