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What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)?

On an average an app losses 30% of its customers for every step between the first contact and then it’s familiarity with the app. The major drawback of traditional apps is they cannot be accessed without the internet. Progressive Web Apps combines web and mobile apps. It enables working without the internet, offers better push notification services. They provide user-friendly installation flow for creating a reliable, accessible and pleasing experience.

Progressive Web Apps performs just like native mobile apps, but it does not force the users to install the mobile app on their devices. It uses the latest web APIs including the progressive enhancement to deliver cross-platform web apps. PWAs are designed for multiple platforms like Windows/Android/iOS, unlike native apps that are basically designed for only one platform.

PWA's can also be launched from a device's home screen instantly regardless of the network state. The improved conversion rates, fewer bounce rates, and better engagements are some of the winning results of using progressive web apps.

Key Benefits of PWA

  • Quick: PWA introduces a fast user experience. The scrolling and page transitions are effortless whenever the user is engaging with the web app. The app can also be rebooted quickly without hitting the network.

  • Reliable and Responsive: The app is relatively fast during the loading process. It opens instantly even in low or no network connectivity. The app fits in all the different sizes of devices and is fully responsive.

  • Highly engaging: The best feature of an app is the higher level of user engagement. PWA allows features like push notifications, direct links for add to home screen icon (without hitting into App Store), switch to full-screen and offline-first app to make the process hassle-free and highly engaging for consumers.

  • Offline Mode: With the implementation of PWA, it is possible for a web application to work offline without the loss of data. Progressive Web Apps are self-contained, allow users to browse the app offline hence increasing user engagement and availability.

  • Security: PWA provides a secure and assured connection to users. It works with HyperText Transfer Protocols over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) that offers authentic protocols and links. This results in reducing the risk of cybercrimes and virus attacks.

Industries that are getting benefited from PWA’s:

  • Ecommerce: PWA majorly used in the eCommerce segment. With features like quick app loading speed, push notification PWA helps in generating good conversion rates and high revenue.

  • Banks: The majority of consumers browse their banking sites using mobile devices. The guidance portals and product sites of banking sectors are evolving with the implementation of PWA's. It ensures the fast & flexible user-experience to ensure the hassle-free process for consumers.

  • Insurance: Implementation of PWA in the insurance sector has brought customer assistance, easy claim procedures and push notifications to the target audience.

  • Media & Entertainment: The PWA integration in the media and entertainment industries are satisfying the users with features like offline surfing, quick loading, full-screen options and add to home screen icons.

Some examples of PWA’s: Twitter Lite, Forbes Web App, Alibaba, Reddit, Uber, Instagram, Flipkart, Myntra, Ola and Swiggy, etc.

Conclusion: Mostly all B2C brands or app-specific businesses are now implementing PWC and the reasons are obvious, it combines all the benefits of mobile & web apps making it a perfect combination. Today better user experience and speed are the key to success and both can be achieved by PWC, hence bigger & better things await because PWC is continuously enhancing & developing its features.

Progressive Web App (PWA’s) services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies is a Progressive Web App development company providing high-quality Progressive Web App development services to clients across the world. Our services are highly customized and cost-effective. We have adopted the latest tools and technologies that are making the app fast and easier to understand. By integrating features like push notification and offline browsing, we ensure maximum user engagement and the best delivery solutions.