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Mobile Application


About the Client

Jellyfish Telecommunication is an innovative company dedicated to simplifying life through unique communication solutions. With a commitment to authenticity and unity, they create products that enhance convenience and efficiency.

The company's ultimate goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. They view their customers not only as advocates but also as critics whose feedback drives their growth.

Jellyfish Telecommunication’s ethos is shaped by the belief that an organization's quality is inherently tied to the quality of the individuals who comprise it.

Business Requirements

Jellyfish Telecommunication sought a technological partner to bring their new product, Rudra-J01, to life. Rudra-J01 emerged with the vision of enabling vehicle tracking anytime and anywhere across the globe. This initiative stemmed from an unmet need in the market, which lacked dependable tracking solutions.

A low angle shot of two persons rappelling at the side of a tall building

Our Solution

We developed the following solution for the client:


With the assistance of Jellyfish Technologies, Rudra-J01 established itself as a prominent GPS brand in India, distinguished by its exceptional performance and unwavering reliability. Boasting an incredibly low failure rate, this product has earned the trust of a multitude of educational institutions, transport companies, and hospitals.

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