Developing a Vehicle Tracking System that Blows the Competition Out of the Water


About The Client

When the telecommunications arm of Jellyfish group required a mobile app for a GPS & GRRS based vehicle tracking system, the choice of development partner was obviouis. The challenge thrown at us wasn't just about the technical implementation of requirements, rather, it was to beat the competition by miles while making a market-ready product within a span of three months.

.business situation

Until a few years ago, vehicle owners in India had to go through a lot of turmoil while travelling due to the infamous episodes of street accidents. Car collision, vehicle theft, fuel theft, over speeding etc. are problems without immediate solutions. Beyond this, businesses that rely on transportation regularly faced similar complications. Jellyfish telecommunications, saw the need for vehicle tracking system that can redefine the conventional vehicle surveillance setup and solve the challenges associate with modern day transportation.

To achieve this objective, the glitches of all three components of a conventional vehicle tracking system - the tracking device, the tracking server & the User Interface (website & mobile app) had to be addressed individually. The team at Jellyfish worked out extensively to find the performance parameters that were essential to creating a truly military grade, futuristic product that is available to the masses without burning a hole in their pockets.

.how we did what we do best!

The primary focus was to release the android version of the app. However, during our discovery and research & analysis phase, it was clear that the app will have be launched across all three major mobile platforms, to be a successful product. After the initial discovery, we chalked out a sprint based development program to develop the Android version of the app. Keeping scalability in mind, we recommended Xamarin as the best effective way to deliver native applications to each of the three major platforms. This methodology enabled the sharing of application business logic while still providing the distinctive look and feel of each platform that customers expect from their devices. The benefits associated with cross platform development strategy were quickly visible.

After the successful delivery of the Android version, further sprints were added to deliver the application for iOS and Windows Mobile platforms. The native application for all three mobile platforms were launched soon after and were available to be downloaded by our customers and used in conjunction with our GPS tracking device. With a host of first time features, the product was an instant hit among its users. People were now able to track their vehicles in real time, know the engine health status, set up geo-fences, get tampering & pilfering alerts, view travel logs and immobilize their vehicles. All this at the comfort of a tap on their mobile screens.