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Project Type

Mobile Application


About the Client

Founded in 1985 by Michael Stafford, Snuba International Inc offers a unique diving experience that combines the simplicity of snorkeling with the excitement of scuba diving.

The company provides a safe and comfortable way for people to explore the underwater world up to 20 feet below the surface.

Business Requirements

Snuba International Inc had a pressing need for a mobile application that would offer operators a user-friendly method for booking snuba diving experiences for their customers. Despite their initial employment of a web-based platform, operators encountered challenges in utilizing it for bookings on remote islands due to the lack of internet accessibility.

In response, our services were enlisted to not only enhance the existing online platform but also to create an entirely new Android application from the ground up.

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Our Solution

After an in-depth assessment and consultation, we developed the following solution:


The Android app streamlined the booking process for SNUBA International Inc, enabling operators to book activities effortlessly and administrators to analyze region-wise booking reports to develop future sales policies. The solution saved the company 70% of the development costs compared to what they would have incurred with local US developers.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list.

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