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StorySpot is a digital time capsule, a platform to help people build and share rich, multimedia stories to mark and celebrate important occasions and milestones.

It exists to help build stories powerfully. Users can choose what to include in a StorySpot, from photos to playlists, audio, video, slideshows, and more. They can save it in their profiles forever and share it with their close ones or even the whole world.


This project came to Jellyfish Technologies half-baked. It was previously being worked upon by a different company. Their major requirement was to add new features for slideshows, audios, notifications, admin panels, and more.

The company was looking for a development partner who could offer them complete tech support, assist them in identifying requirements, and suggest them solutions based on their existing framework.


  • Suggestions on the best possible approach to achieve their business goals.
  • Detailed planning and analysis was needed to be done to assist the client in terms of adding new features to the platform.
  • Streamline of the User Interface (UI).
  • Maintenance and support for existing code that was implemented by the previous vendor.
  • Enhancements within their current framework.

Our Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements and objectives, we set out to enhance the StorySpot platform:

  • A detailed requirements analysis was performed.
  • Proper planning and research were carried out to understand the best features needed to be added.
  • New features were implemented.
  • User Interface (UI) was streamlined.
  • Issues related to UAT, costs, communication, and technicalities with the previous vendor were resolved.
  • Extended support was provided for the existing code that was implemented by the previous vendor.

Key Benefits

  • The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) were improved.
  • The platform was integrated with better features.
  • The client got the integration done without huge costs and IT resources typically involved in in-house development.
  • The web portal was made more stable.


A more stable portal with improved user interface and extended features enabled StorySpot to be more flexible, fluid, and accessible for users across various devices with no download or update issues. The final portal was a lot more user-friendly and resulted in increased user inclination.

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