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Project Type

Web Application


About the Client

Storyspot is a Swedish startup with a mission of making our surroundings come to life through crowdsourced audio guides. This platform helps people build and share rich multimedia stories to mark and celebrate important occasions and milestones.

StorySpot aims to bring back the tradition of storytelling to today's society by making it digital and glocal (globalized and local at the same time). It’s free for both listeners and creators and its users can choose what to include in their stories such as photos, playlists, audio, video, slideshows, and much more. They can even save them in their profiles and share it with their close ones or even the whole world.

Business Requirements

The company was looking for a development partner who could offer them complete tech support, assist them in identifying different requirements, and suggest solutions based on their existing framework.

Their major requirement was to add new features for slideshows, audios, notifications, and admin panels, among others.

Our Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements and objectives, we developed the following solution:


With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, StorySpot launched a more stable portal with an improved user interface and extended features. This enabled the digital platform to be more flexible, fluid, and accessible for users across various devices with no download or update issues.

Moreover, the final portal was a lot more user-friendly and resulted in increased user inclination.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list.</p.

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