Project Type

Mobile Application


About the Client

Whisker-N-Paws is a pet healthcare service provider that aims to make pet healthcare as convenient and sophisticated as human healthcare.

The company provides on-demand and affordable access to quality pet care by bringing information and services into one spectrum through its fully automated and AI-driven ecosystem.

Business Requirements

The company aimed to establish a seamless and interactive connection between its pet owner network and its esteemed community of veterinarians.

To bring this vision to life, our team of experts proposed the idea of revamping their current mobile application, infused with an intelligent personal chatbot. This innovative approach was projected to halve the time typically taken for appointment bookings, doctor searches, and updating pet medical information.

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Our Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements, we developed the following solution:


With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, the pet owner user experience within the existing Whisker-N-Paws app underwent a streamlining process. This was achieved through feature expansion, fostering natural conversational interactions, and delivering personalized services.

Additionally, the app's accessibility across diverse social platforms played a pivotal role in augmenting the company’s customer base.

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