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At Jellyfish Technologies we streamline your business with custom API development services across multiple platforms—iOS/Android/web app. Our certified developers use different API authentication methods, including basic OAuth, OAuth1, OAuth2, JSON Web Token (JWT), SAML, and many more. Our IT services drive modernization, ensuring a synchronized and streamlined digital ecosystem.

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API Integration Services We Offer

Jellyfish Technologies is a premier API development company specializing in API development and integration. We are the finest API integration company, providing top-tier quality services such as API development, consulting, and many more that will enhance your project’s success.

Custom API Development

We provide custom API development for desktop, mobile, and cloud apps, Web Sockets, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware/middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems. At Jellyfish Technologies, we offer support at each stage of creating an API for your product, from research and design to performance optimization.

Third-party API Integrations

We emphasize third-party application integration services. Leveraging current resources and technologies, our developers use REST, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP, and the latest tech for seamless API interaction. Our custom API integration services enhance business productivity, integrating unique features for positive results.

API Consulting Services

Jellyfish Technologies is among the leading API development companies, providing customized API solutions. Our API consulting services guide you from initial concept to long-term management, ensuring effective planning and revenue maximization. Rely on our qualified team for advanced development and integration support throughout the API cycle.

API Automation

Our API automation services streamline and enhance your workflow, automating processes for efficiency. With a focus on reliability and scalability, we ensure seamless integration, allowing you to optimize operations and accelerate your development cycles. We change the tech meta with our customized API solutions.

API Configuration

Our API configuration services provide end-to-end solutions to optimize API setups. Jellyfish Technologies specializes in configuring APIs for seamless integration, ensuring compatibility, security, and optimal performance. Our skilled developers automate tasks that your project requires frequently or in large batches.

API Support and Maintenance

Our API support and maintenance services ensure your API infrastructure’s continuous and reliable operation. With proactive monitoring, timely updates, and expert troubleshooting, we guarantee the stability and performance of your APIs, allowing you to focus on your core business functions with confidence.

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    Explore the Possibilities of API as a Service Solutions

    Discover the potential of your business with Jellyfish Technologies. Our expert services range across various industries and verticals, enabling seamless integration, scalability, and enhanced functionality. Explore, streamline operations, and empower innovation with our comprehensive API as a Service solution.


    Payment APIs

    Jellyfish Technologies integrates leading payment gateway APIs, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and many more, that work with your unique project requirements. Our team of certified API developers allows your business to process payments quickly and easily.


    Shipping APIs

    We at Jellyfish Technologies provide seamless API integrations with industry-leading shipping carrier APIs for various businesses that require custom shipping carrier API integration services, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and many others. We empower your projects with our qualified custom API development experts.


    SMS Gateway APIs

    Jellyfish Technologies has been at the forefront of providing exceptional and secure API solutions since 2011. We integrate leading cloud communications platform APIs, such as Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo, connecting various industries and businesses with communication functionalities utilizing web service API integration.


    Social Network APIs

    Jellyfish Technologies seamlessly integrates the connection of your business to your social networking platforms using our custom public API integrations. We connect your website, e-commerce store, financial firm, or any business of varied domains to your Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube channel. 


    CRM-ERP Integration

    Simply operations with CRM-ERP integration. Our best application programming interface (API) integration services seamlessly connect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, stimulating enhanced collaboration, data consistency, and improved overall efficiency in your organization.



    Our API as a Service (APIaaS) services provide a cloud-based infrastructure, allowing you to utilize APIs seamlessly, promoting efficient data exchange, and innovation. We use HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP, and/or REST API development services to build authentic & secure APIaaS platforms.

    Case Studies

    Our work in API integration services has made significant contributions all over the world. Examine these case studies, which highlight their success stories.

    FM Integrated Group

    Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Integrated FM Group to create an online platform to streamline facility management operations for their clients, and their businesses are continuously growing.

    Patra Corporation and Jellyfish Technologies collaborated to create a safe, online payment automation system for premium financing in the insurance sector. As a result, task efficiency improved, costs were reduced, and the overall user experience was enhanced.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as your API Development Company?

    Jellyfish Technologies empowers the latest tech utilization for converting your idea into innovation. With a proven track record in the industry, we offer end-to-end API development services with a client-centric approach and security & data compliance.

    Seamless Integration

    At Jellyfish Technologies, we excel in crafting APIs that seamlessly integrate across devices. Whether your project requires connecting internal systems or external services, we incorporate seamless integrated APIs for optimized workflow and enhanced overall functionality.

    Scalable Solutions

    As a leading custom API integration company, our approach is innovative and growth-centric. Our APIs are designed to scale up your business, accommodating increased data loads, user interactions, and evolving requirements. With a focus on scalability, we future-proof your systems, providing flexibility as your business expands.

    Customized Approach

    Jellyfish Technologies is a promising API services provider offering end-to-end API solutions. Our expertise ranges from bespoke APIs, Internal & composite APIs, open API integration and development, and many more. Our certified API developers provide solutions as per your project requirements.

    Reliable Support

    Count on Jellyfish Technologies for consistent support throughout the API development journey. We empower dedicated teams for your projects to ensure ongoing assistance, and a proactive approach to queries, and maintenance needs.

    Certified Developers

    We at Jellyfish Technologies are committed to integrating dedicated professionals for technology and services. Our certified API developers are proficient with the latest and trending technologies and provide your project with knowledge and execution from code to production.

    High Quality & Flexibility

    Jellyfish Technologies stands out for delivering high-quality API solutions with a strong emphasis on flexibility. Our development approach prioritizes high coding standards, rigorous testing, and agile methodologies to ensure a product that adapts to technologies and business landscapes.

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    An Essential Guide to API Integration Services

    Engagement Model

    Jellyfish Technologies offers versatile engagement models for IT services, providing tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs. Let’s explore these engagement models:

    Dedicated Team

    Jellyfish Technologies’ dedicated team model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Team Augmentation

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a team augmentation approach. Ideal for short-term support or filling skill gaps, this model provides flexibility and immediate access to the expertise required. Ideal for companies aiming to enhance their productivity with specific expertise for better project outcomes.


    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

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      Our API development process begins with a comprehensive strategy, identifying business goals and defining data sources. We evaluate the technology ecosystem, specify API requirements, and choose appropriate data exchange architecture and authentication methods. Development involves creating a detailed API specification, planning for versioning, and ensuring robust deployment. Continuous monitoring and reliability checks refine the API, providing a scalable, efficient, and secure solution tailored to client needs.

      API security is ensured through multiple layers, including HTTPS encryption, proper authentication methods like API keys, OAuth, or JWT tokens. We implement thorough input validation, employ rate limiting, and conduct regular security audits. Continuous monitoring, regular updates, and adherence to industry best practices safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

      Here’s a breakdown of API development cost ranges:  

      Simple APIs:  Basic functionality, few endpoints, limited data access (~$10,000 – $25,000)

      Moderate Complexity:  Multiple endpoints, complex data structures, integrations with external systems (~$25,000 – $50,000)

      Highly Complex:  Large-scale, intricate data models, real-time capabilities, advanced security features (~$50,000 and above)

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