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Jellyfish Technologies offers cutting-edge data analytics services that leverage advanced algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to unlock valuable insights from the data reservoirs, make informed decisions, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge.

Data Analytics Consulting Services & Solutions

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Our Suite of Data Analytics Services and Solutions

At Jellyfish Technologies, we redefine data analytics. Our tailor-made data analytics services empower businesses to harness data’s full potential for success.

Data Strategy &

Our expert data analytics consultants excel at meticulously crafting a data-driven roadmap, aligning data strategies with businesses’ goals for optimal results and enhanced strategic direction. Elevate your data strategy with our expertise.

Data Integration &

Effortlessly consolidate and store data for real-time insights. Our solutions guarantee unified data sources, enabling well-informed decisions and streamlined data management. Achieve data simplicity for operational and overall success.

Data Visualization & Modernization

Our data visualization and modernization services focus on simplifying complex information, making it easily digestible and empowering quick, data-driven decisions. This helps businesses stay ahead in the dynamic world of data.

Business Intelligence

Jellyfish Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of BI tools, including KPI dashboards and predictive analytics, to ensure that our clients have the insights needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Big Data

Unlock the full potential of big data through our cutting-edge big data analytics services and solutions. We expertly manage, process, and analyze vast datasets to unveil opportunities for your business.

Data Science

Utilize machine learning, AI, and statistical analysis to extract actionable insights. Our data scientists adeptly transform corporate data into a strategic asset, elevating competitiveness and catalyzing success in the contemporary business arena.

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    Benefits That Define Our Data Analytics and Consulting Services

    We help businesses unlock the full potential of their data resources, setting the stage for business excellence and innovation.


    Data Transformation

    Our data science services empower businesses to undergo seamless data transformation, ensuring that raw data is refined into valuable insights. This transformation enhances decision-making processes, optimizing operations and promoting competitiveness.


    Data Visualization

    Through advanced data visualization, we convert complex data into clear and interactive visuals. This enables companies to gain deeper insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions with ease.


    Supply Chain Analytics

    Our data analytics experts facilitate the optimization of the entire supply chain, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring the smooth flow of goods from production to consumption.


    Procurement Analytics

    Our dedicated team of data analysis experts excels in strategically managing procurement processes, delivering substantial benefits to businesses, such as cost savings, improved supplier relationships, and enhanced procurement efficiency.


    Pricing Optimization

    Our services enable dynamic pricing optimization, helping businesses set the right prices for their products or services based on market conditions and customer behavior, thus maximizing profitability.


    BI Implementation

    Our business intelligence (BI) implementation services deliver comprehensive BI solutions that aid in data-driven decision-making, performance analysis, and reporting, leading to increased operational efficiency.


    Workforce Automation

    Our data science services are tailored to optimize HR processes, resulting in significant time and resource savings and boosting employee engagement. Ultimately, these enhancements translate into increased overall organizational productivity.


    CFO Analytics

    CFO Analytics, an integral part of our data science services, empowers financial decision-makers with essential tools and insights. This enables them to finely tune financial strategies, proactively manage risks, and safeguard the fiscal health of the organization.


    Cost Management

    Our data analytics services identify cost-saving opportunities, manage expenses, and enhance profitability. This results in an efficient and effective financial management approach, empowering businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape where financial prudence is paramount.

    Case Studies

    Discover the impact of our data analytics services through these case studies showcasing remarkable client successes.


    Jellyfish Technologies collaborated with Be-IQ, a multi-award-winning fintech platform, to bring their gamified quizzes to life. We ensured secure IFrames, crafted engaging UI, and designed theme-specific interfaces.

    Dive into Jellyfish Technologies’ impactful collaboration with Patra Corporation. Through our advanced API Integration skills, we empowered Patra to seamlessly integrate with top-tier insurers, providing customers with unparalleled insurance premium quotes.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies As Your Data Analytics Consulting Partner

    Our offerings go beyond conventional solutions, delivering actionable insights that foster growth and help businesses attain success.

    Wide Technology Expertise

    Our extensive technology proficiency ensures we handle diverse data analytics challenges effectively. Covering everything from strategy to implementation, our expertise spans the full spectrum of technological requirements, ensuring that our clients’ path to success is well-supported.

    In-Depth Industry Knowledge

    Our profound industry insights ensure bespoke data analytics solutions are perfectly aligned with your specific sector. By seamlessly merging our extensive technological expertise with industry-specific knowledge, we craft data-driven strategies that precisely cater to the company’s unique requirements.


    We specialize in delivering data analytics services that transcend traditional offerings, providing actionable insights that drive data-informed decision-making. A company’s success hinges on making the right choices, and our solutions are tailored to empower them with these essential insights.

    ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified

    Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to data quality and security. These industry-recognized certifications ensure that our client’s data is not only in safe hands but also managed to the highest quality standards, giving them added peace of mind.

    Certified BI

    Our certified BI engineers possess the skills to effectively transform a company’s data into actionable intelligence, enabling well-informed decision-making. With their expertise, companies can count on their data to become a valuable asset for achieving success.

    Transparency of

    At the heart of our project management is transparency. We believe in keeping businesses fully informed and in control of their project’s progress and results. Our clients’ partnership with us ensures clarity, enabling them to make confident decisions.

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    With expertise in data transformation and compelling visualization, coupled with profound industry knowledge, our solutions are meticulously customized to align with your unique requirements. Contact us today to embark on a data-driven journey that will transform your data into a strategic asset.

    An Essential Guide to Data Analytics Services

    Engagement Models

    Explore our flexible engagement models tailored to meet your data analytics needs.

    Dedicated Team

    We place a team of skilled professionals exclusively on your projects, offering expanded capabilities and complete project oversight.

    Team Augmentation

    We offer highly experienced data analytics experts to complement your existing team, providing flexibility, on-demand expertise, and shortened project timelines


    Choose our project-based approach to benefit from a focused strategy, fixed timelines, and budget control, all of which contribute to the success of your project.

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    Connect with our experts to transform your data into insights and actions.


      Data analytics consultation prerequisites involve defining business goals, collecting pertinent data, and engaging with a team or partner experienced in data analytics to facilitate the process.

      The data analytics development process encompasses data collection, preprocessing, exploratory data analysis, model selection, training, evaluation, and results interpretation to deliver actionable insights.

      MLOps is vital for data analytics as it ensures the seamless integration and reliable operation of machine learning models throughout the analytics process, enhancing performance and scalability.

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