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Jellyfish Technologies, delivering excellence since 2011, has been at the forefront of providing exceptional and secure mobile app services. We specialize in developing cutting-edge mobile applications, maintenance, and modernization with faster UX (User Experience) across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. We take pride in bringing your ideas to life.

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Mobile App Development Services We Offer

We offer end-to-end mobile app development services incorporating dynamic modern technologies such as Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React Native, XCode, Java, and SwiftUI to help businesses succeed online. Whether you’re a unicorn startup or an enterprise client, our wide range of mobile development services has your projects covered.

iOS App Development

At Jellyfish Technologies, our high-caliber mobile app developers specialize in iPhone app development, designing, and building code right up to support, and maintenance of your app. Incorporating advanced technologies- Swift, Xcode, SwiftUI, and React Native—we ensure fast performance and secure iPhone & iPad applications, aligning seamlessly with your business goals.

Android App Development

Our skilled Android app developers prioritize high-performance and secure app development for upscaling businesses. We focus on app optimization and leverage cutting-edge technologies- Kotlin, Compose, React Native for seamless single-touch interfaces to bespoke Android applications. We excel in custom Android app development services for tailored mobile app services.

Hybrid App Development

Jellyfish Technologies provides end-to-end hybrid app development, ensuring seamless deployment from ideation. Our expert hybrid app developers employ leading hybrid application technologies like React Native, Ionic Framework, NativeScript, and Quasar. Experience robust mobile app development, which offers a smooth development approach, cost savings, and compatibility across a variety of platforms.

On-Demand App

Our high-caliber app developers focus on producing business-focused client-centric solutions. We specialize in developing scalable on-demand apps—receive or schedule services or instant delivery, ensuring a seamless user experience across multiple platforms—iOS & Android. We administer custom on-demand app development solutions to empower businesses to build a new market reputation.

Wearable App

We at Jellyfish Technologies are proficient in wearable app development with advanced technology integration–Agile. Our wearable tech app developers provide custom wearable applications that track movement, heart action, mind action, and muscle exercises seamlessly with multiplatform integration. Advance your business with us by utilizing this trending technology.

Cross-platform App Development

We provide cross-platform application development, employing advanced technologies to deliver custom apps, ensuring an exceptional experience across multiple platforms. With proficiency in React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin, we empower businesses to reach a wider audience while maintaining security and high performance across various devices and operating systems.

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    Our Mobile App Development Services Capabilities

    Explore our mobile app building services capabilities, spanning diverse industries like healthcare, fintech, insurtech, proptech, media, entertainment, retail, and logistics. Our expertise extends across different horizons, ensuring tailored, custom app development solutions that redefine user experiences and drive digital innovation.


    eCommerce App Development

    Jellyfish Technologies has years of experience developing top-notch eCommerce mobile apps for startups and big companies alike. Our dedicated eCommerce developers create user-centric applications that offer mobility and scalability and bridge the gap between businesses and customers.


    AR/VR Apps

    Empowering startups and enterprises, we enhance the value proposition of digital products through cutting-edge AR and VR app developments. We master the latest technologies like OpenCV, Vuforia, ARToolKit, ARCore, and more. We seamlessly blend technical expertise with creativity, delivering immersive applications.


    Digital Wallet App Development

    Jellyfish Technologies is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge, secure wallet application development solutions for Android and iOS. Our digital wallet app development services offer contactless payments and secure bank authorization with expertise in future-proof mobile wallet applications like Swift, Flutter, React, and more.


    Healthcare App Development

    Embarking on a mission to redefine healthcare, we excel in integrating innovation & security into healthcare application development services.Our developers specialize in crafting mobile apps tailored for clinical, administrative, and financial operations. Leveraging advanced technologies such as Swift, React Native, etc.


    VoIP App

    We specialize in creating custom VoIP applications that revolutionize the way you communicate, offering seamless, high-quality voice and video communication over the Internet. Our skilled team of VoIP app developers integrates the latest technologies to build VoIP solutions designed to empower your business, ensuring smoother interactions and streamlined operations.


    Insurance App

    Jellyfish Technologies is committed to delivering scalable and innovative solutions tailored for insurance enterprises. Led by a dedicated team of insurtech developers, we prioritize the creation of next-generation insurance applications that streamline processes, optimize claims management, and upscale the user experience.


    IoT Application Development

    We offer companies the full potential of the Internet of Things and offer IoT app development services for any industry and vertical. Our team of IoT developers crafts innovative smart devices for both consumer and industrial applications. We integrate advanced technologies for real-world solutions through our state-of-the-art Hi-End IoT application development.


    OTT App

    We as a high-end OTT app development company help you with a  seamless streaming experience. Leveraging top-tier technologies like AWS, MS-Azure, and Google Cloud, we craft custom OTT solutions tailored to your business. From Video-on-demand(VOD) streaming to delivering high-definition entertainment, we ensure an unparalleled viewing experience for your target audience.


    Logistics App

    As a top-tier logistics app development company, we offer high-quality logistics tracking and management solutions across multiple platforms–Android and iOS. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, embark on a digital transformation journey with our seamless mobile app services for warehousing, transport, and courier delivery.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as Your Mobile App Development Company?

    Tailored precision meets innovation in our custom mobile app development services, ensuring your business receives solutions perfectly attuned to its requirements. Let’s find out more about our key parameters:

    Vast Experience

    With over a decade of excellence since 2011, Jellyfish Technologies brings a wealth of vast experience to mobile app development. Specializing in diverse technologies, we offer tailored solutions for iOS, Android, hybrid, on-demand, wearable, and cross-platform apps. Our seasoned team ensures cutting-edge solutions, driving digital innovation across industries.

    Scalable Solutions

    Jellyfish Technologies pioneers scalable solutions in mobile app development, ensuring adaptability to evolving business needs. Our range of expertise goes from mobile app development, App optimization, custom app solutions to application maintenance. Integrating these expertise we provide comprehensive solutions for various industries and verticals.

    Agile Methodology

    At Jellyfish Technologies, we employ a robust Agile methodology to craft sustainable and high-quality mobile applications. Utilizing frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming, we ensure an efficient development life cycle. Our commitment lies in effectively automating and enhancing essential mobile app development processes and consistently delivering top-tier solutions.

    Dedicated Teams

    Our certified mobile app developers are adept at industry best practices, guaranteeing the delivery of top-notch solutions. Our clients benefit from the assurance of working with a team that advances the latest technological trends, resulting in reliable and innovative app solutions.

    Quality Assurance

    Jellyfish Technologies takes pride in its rigorous quality assurance processes tailored for mobile app development. Ensuring each product adheres to the highest standards, our team implements meticulous quality checks at every stage. This commitment guarantees the delivery of effective and flawless mobile app solutions.

    Optimum performance

    We specialize in delivering highly personalized solutions for optimum performance. Our bespoke approach caters to specific needs and preferences, optimizing functionality, elevating user experiences, and enhancing efficiency. Clients praise our products for their outstanding performance, solidifying their satisfaction with doing business with us.

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    An Essential Guide to Mobile App Development Services

    Engagement Model

    The engagement model for mobile app development services involves a collaborative approach tailored to client needs. Take a look at Jellyfish Technologies’ engagement model for mobile app development.

    Offshore Development

    Jellyfish Technologies’ offshore engagement model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Dedicated Team Model

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a dedicated team approach, bolstering a client’s in-house team with specialized skills, fostering collaboration, and optimizing project results. Ideal for companies aiming to enhance their workforce with specific expertise for better project outcomes.


    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

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      Selecting a mobile app development platform involves considering factors like target audience, project requirements, and development expertise. Assess the popularity and market share of iOS and Android to align with your user base. Evaluate the costs associated with each platform to make an informed decision that best suits your project goals.

      Cross-platform app development involves creating applications that can run on multiple operating systems such as Android and iOS, using a single codebase. Hybrid mobile app development combines elements of both native and web applications, allowing developers to use a single codebase for different platforms while leveraging web technologies.

      The cost to develop a simple app in 2024 may range from $30,000 to $50,000. The cost of developing a complex app may range from $100,000 to $250,000 or more. Also, to develop an advanced app nowadays, it may range from $250,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

      Generally, the average time to develop a custom mobile application varies from 3 months to launch an MVP and up to 9 months to scale it to a big product.

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