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We offer EdTech software development services for innovative solutions. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge educational technology software, eLearning portals, course management systems, and mLearning solutions. Our unique approach, scalable solutions, and intuitive design make a difference in the digital competition.

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EdTech Software Development Services We Offer

Jellyfish Technologies offers custom EdTech software development services. Utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, and more, with a client-centric approach, we deliver customized mobile educational apps, video streaming platforms, e-learning software, and corporate training solutions. Our software products make the learning process engaging and innovative

LMS Development

Our certified learning management system (LMS) developers deliver EdTech software development solutions offering a wide range of features like–attendance tracking, automatic grading, built-in course authoring, content library, course management, mobile learning, reporting & analytics, etc to upscale your businesses.

On-demand eLearning Software

Jellyfish Technologies offers on-demand elearning software development services. We prioritize client-specific requirements to meet business needs in audio/video learning, class scheduling, appointment management, and more with a responsive design and high performance software output.

Professional Training Platforms

Our corporate training software services include integrating custom e-learning solutions, and personalized training programs with progress trackers—AI-based training modules for smart learning management system development. Our skilled developers utilize AR, and VR for digitized learning management solutions.

eLearning Simulator Software

We offer cost-effective, eLearning application development services. We build feature-rich applications integrating advanced tech like AI, AR/VR. From educational gaming and video streaming apps to teaching solutions for the differently-abled and language learning applications, we develop solutions that are engaging and responsive.

School Management Systems

We at Jellyfish Technologies specialize in designing engaging and responsive school management software solutions. Our software solutions include prime and innovative features like scheduling, attendance tracking, course registration, academic results, transcripts, feedback, and seamless communication tools to enhance the educational experience.

Teaching Software Development

Our innovative software solutions empower your educational initiatives with our specialized teaching software development services. We provide innovative solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience. Our dedicated team ensures intuitive eLearning app development, addressing the unique needs of educators and learners.

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    Explore Our Educational Software Development Solutions

    Discover our innovative Educational software development solutions. We deliver cutting-edge educational technology software, offering features like interactive learning modules, assessment tools, and seamless integration. Take your EdTech aspirations to the next level with our EdTech software development company


    Virtual Classroom

    Jellyfish Technologies delivers customized virtual classroom software solutions, enabling businesses to enhance the efficiency of remote learning. Our bespoke solutions encompass the latest technological ecosystem of AI, AR/VR to meet the evolving needs of modern education, promoting a more engaging and effective virtual learning experience.


    MOOCs and ePortfolios

    We offer seamless Ed-Tech software solutions for MOOCs and ePortfolio software development services. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) experience and streamline ePortfolio management. Our services takes your business further with industry security compliance.


    Corporate Training Systems

    Our corporate training  with our advanced software development services. From attendance tracking to built-in course authoring, content libraries, course management, mobile learning, reporting, analytics, and test/quiz creation, our bespoke software solutions simply ensuring an interactive and effective learning environment.


    Assessment & Evaluation Software

    Revolutionize education businesses with our top-notch services. Our solutions ensure heightened flexibility and convenience in testing students’ knowledge and skills with custom made assessments, mobile access, question library, scoring, skill testing, feedback management, test/quiz creation, and user management for effective evaluation experiences.



    We develop dynamic solutions that infuse gamified elements into various platforms. From enhancing user interactions with your businesses, our services bring a new dimension to user experiences, making learning and engagement more enjoyable and effective. Our developers integrate advanced tech like IoT, AI, AR/VR to enhance the user experience with education.


    Learning Analytics

    We develop eLearning software solutions with smart learning data and analytics systems using artificial intelligence algorithms, with paramount features including user activity dashboards, learning progress and performance reporting, course activity and completion tracking, engagement, violation tracking and more.


    Teaching Software Development

    We transform the education landscape with our engaging teaching software development services. Our dedicated team takes your teaching methods a step ahead of the competition with emerging  intelligent technologies that fosters effective andand engaging educational environments.


    E2C Learning

    We offer application development solutions for enterprise learning. Our certified developers understand the intricacies of elearning software development. Our dedicated team is client-centric and incorporates modern-day technologies to make solutions user-friendly.


    Educational Technology Consulting

    We offer EdTech technology consulting services that encompass software strategy development, tech stack evaluation, and an organized plan of action from code to production. Our strategic advisory is aligned with specific business needs to enhance businesses.

    Case Studies

    See how our fintech software development services have impacted real-world situations, showcasing the tangible outcomes of our expertise and client success stories.

    Payleadr: Online Payment Platform

    Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Payleadr, providing more flexible installment payment options to their customers, and now serves as a leading direct debit service in the region.

    We developed a gamified quiz solution that was integrated with banking web apps in partnership with the award-winning platform Be-IQ. As a result, the Be-IQ Profiler, which provides behavioral insights and detects financial vulnerability, enhances financial planning.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as an EdTech Software Development Company?

    Jellyfish Technologies is your EdTech software development partner for seamless integration of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Our dedicated developers employ an agile approach to deliver engaging and highly responsive solutions, ensuring your educational initiatives stand out

    Emerging Tech Infrastructure

    Jellyfish Technologies offers industry leading EdTech software development services with cutting-edge AR and VR technology integration, ensuring immersive and interactive learning experiences that captivate students and educators alike.

    CI/CD And

    We ensure rapid updates and streamline operations with infrastructure automation, and robust CI/CD pipelines, and prioritize cloud security measures. Achieve efficiency through automated processes with a secure and agile development environment.


    Our rapid development support ensures the timely deployment of innovative EdTech solutions tailored to your unique requirements. our 360-degree support ensures the seamless operation and continuous enhancement of your educational technology solutions.

    Reports & Analytics

    Gain valuable insights into your EdTech platform’s performance with our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Monitor user engagement, track learning outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to continually optimize your educational offerings.

    Strategic Advisory

    Our strategic advisory services provide businesses with a better plan of action. Our certified, dedicated team navigates challenges, capitalizes on emerging technologies, and smartly integrates them with your educational initiatives for long-term success.

    Security & Compliance

    Entrust us with the security and compliance of your EdTech solutions. We prioritize robust security measures and adhere to industry regulations, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a secure learning environment for all users.

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    Ready to launch your vision? Our custom edtech software development team is geared up to bring your ideas to life. Let’s embark on your unique project journey together, creating tailored solutions for your business needs.

    User Guide To Custom EdTech Software Development

    Engagement Model

    The engagement model for mobile app development services involves a collaborative approach tailored to client needs. Take a look at Jellyfish Technologies’ engagement model for mobile app development.

    Dedicated Team

    Jellyfish Technologies’ dedicated team model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Team Augmentation

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a team augmentation approach and access to top-notch UI and UX design services tailored to your specific needs. Ideal for short-term support or filling skill gaps, this model provides flexibility and immediate access to the expertise required.

    Project Based

    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery, meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

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    Connect with our expert educational software development engineers to add advanced, certified developers who integrate the latest tech to transform your concepts into engaging and seamless user experiences.


      EdTech software, short for Educational Technology software, encompasses digital tools and platforms designed to enhance the learning and teaching experience. It includes Learning Management Systems (LMS), virtual classrooms, interactive content, and assessment tools, facilitating education through technology.

      The cost of developing custom EdTech software varies based on features, complexity, and technology. The exact figures depend on specific requirements, functionalities, and the development team’s expertise.

      Yes, as a software development company, we provide customization options to align e-learning software with specific client requirements. Tailoring features, UI/UX, and functionalities ensures the software meets the unique needs and goals of our clients.

      Certainly. We offer comprehensive post-development support and maintenance services for e-learning software. This includes bug fixes, updates, security enhancements, and continuous improvements to ensure the software remains efficient, secure, and aligned with evolving educational needs.

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