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Offering end-to-end IT services for the facility management industry, from system implementation to ongoing support and maintenance

Over the past few years, facility management has become increasingly complex, with a growing emphasis on improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the customer experience.

At Jellyfish Technologies, we understand the challenges faced by facility management professionals and are committed to providing innovative and reliable IT solutions that can help streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve the overall quality of service.

Whether you need help with maintenance tracking, asset management, or energy management, we have the expertise and the resources to deliver tailored solutions and IT services that meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

Our Custom Facility Management Software Development Services

We provide comprehensive IT services for facility management businesses to automate their operations and increase ROI

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Work order management solutions

Our solutions enable businesses to automate and streamline work order management, resulting in efficient communication between teams, optimized workflows, and timely completion of tasks within budget.

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Asset management solutions

Our solutions offer businesses real-time asset tracking, condition monitoring, and proactive maintenance scheduling, allowing businesses to optimize asset utilization, minimize maintenance costs, and prevent costly downtime.

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Vendor management solutions

Our solutions offer businesses a centralized platform for managing vendor contracts, invoices, payments, and performance tracking, providing them with data-driven insights into their vendor relationships.

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Compliance management solutions

We help businesses minimize risks, avoid legal issues, and reduce compliance-related costs by automating compliance management processes and providing real-time insights into compliance status.

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Mobile-first FM solutions

Our Mobile-first FM Solutions help businesses improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by allowing technicians to complete work orders on the go, view asset information in real-time, and stay compliant with regulations.

Why Jellyfish Technologies is the Right Choice for Your Custom Facility Management Software Development Needs

Our customized software development services help facility management companies optimize their maintenance tracking processes, leading to reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

We help develop software solutions that enable facility management companies to easily manage their assets, from tracking equipment to scheduling maintenance.

We help develop energy management solutions that help facility management companies track and reduce energy consumption, ultimately leading to cost savings and a more sustainable operation.

We help facility management companies analyze data and provide valuable insights related to building operations and maintenance

We ensure that our clients have reliable and secure systems that are protected from breaches, unauthorized access, and other forms of cyber-attacks.

Our IT services are designed to seamlessly integrate with different facility management systems and technologies to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

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