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Logistics Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies builds scalable and extensive custom logistics software solutions integrating core & innovative technologies, ranging from end-to-end logistics management solutions with route planning, real-time fleet management, advanced booking features, and specialized tools for specific operational or decision-making tasks.
Logistics Software Development Services

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Logistics Software Development Services We Offer

Jellyfish Technologies develops AI-driven logistics software solutions as per your project’s specific requirements. Our logistic software development services include custom logistics solutions with a wide range of features and next-gen technologies designed to automate and optimize your fleet, freight, warehouse, and supply chain operations.

Shipping Logistics

Our certified software developers deliver advanced tech-driven shipping and logistics software solutions that provide fuel-efficient routes, view export shipment reports, automate billing upon shipments, and optimize multiple warehouse shipment records. We incorporate logistics GPS tracking & monitoring for scalable and efficient shipping software services.

Fleet Management and Telematics

We build custom fleet management software as per your requirements to provide you with the vehicle’s location, fuel consumption, optimized vehicle maintenance, etc. Also, our telematics software services offer solutions that can improve your vehicle’s traffic management and efficiency and provide real-time traffic updates on desired routes.

Asset Monitoring and

Jellyfish Technologies offers asset-tracking software solutions designed to provide real-time monitoring and control over your valuable assets. We integrate new-gen technologies—IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, and QR code, to ensure the continuous monitoring, predictive analysis, and sustained visibility of your valuable inventory.

Transportation Management Software Development

Jellyfish Technologies provides transportation and logistics software solutions utilizing project-centric technologies. Our custom software offers monitoring freight along the supply chain to get up-to-date data, reverse logistics, AI integration, transportation route planning, and RFID-enabled monitoring, thus enhancing transparency.

Freight Broker & Shipping Application

We develop freight broker software solutions that enhance lead generation, competitor analysis, and GPS tracking. Our custom freight logistics software solutions enable access to third-party shipping provider data, facilitate the printing of shipping labels, generate reports, offer analytics, and allow for direct rate comparisons, and demand forecasting.

Inventory Optimization

Our inventory optimization software services incorporate cutting-edge AI solutions to deliver real-time insights into inventory levels, forecast demand predictively, automate reordering, and implement tagging and barcoding. Our software product ensures unparalleled data security for your inventory and enterprise information.

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    Our Dedicated Logistics Software Development Work Mastery

    Our dedicated Software developers offer a range of benefits, with certified professionals skilled in emerging technologies like AI, low code/no code, and IoB. Hire dedicated software developers to integrate core tech strength and 24/7 support, ensuring seamless maintenance from code to production, offering your project success and scalability.


    State-Of-The-Art Cloud-Based Certificate Vault. Crafting Secure, Efficient, and User-Centered Digital Solutions

    Comprehensive analysis to assess web application functionalities and architecture

    Highly secure platform enabling seamless certificate upload and access, enhancing UX

    Blockchain-based solutions ensure the integrity and verification of uploaded certificates

    Robust data security measures implemented for a secure and  future-proof solution

    Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Patra Corporation to develop a secure cloud-based certificate vault, enabling instant access to financial documents, streamlining processes, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing costs. This results in a successful partnership with repeat business.




    Enterprise Billing Platform with New Features, Strategy-Based Pricing Models, and Streamlined Billing Processes

    Advanced features and functionalities for a seamless and secure billing process

    Customizable promotion strategies and integration of  strategies-based pricing models

    Data analytics for deeper insights into customer behavior

    Dedicated 24*7 support and maintenance for uninterrupted operations

    Jellyfish Technologies transformed jBilling’s open-source billing platform, adding new features, pricing models, customizable promotions, streamlined billing, and customer analytics, enhancing enterprise traction, and leading to acquisition by AppDirect as an independent subsidiary.



    Patra corp

    Billing System Upgraded To Node.Js, Ensuring Stability, Enhancing UX, and Maximizing Revenue

    Billing module stability with meticulous planning & research for revenue boosting solution

    Streamlined user experience through Node.js migration and UI/UX overhaul

    Increased revenue potential by transitioning to transaction-based invoicing

    Optimized for seamless operations through regular performance improvements

    Patra Corporation enlisted Jellyfish Technologies to upgrade its billing module to Node.js. With strategic planning and real-time collaboration, we delivered an optimized, revenue-boosting solution, helping Patra maintain its market leadership in the insurance industry.




    A Web Portal for Seamless Job Postings in The Space & Satellite Sector with a Multi-Point Intelligent Platform

    Innovative design for Defence recruitment and Job postings

    Advanced functionalities flourished with seamless third-party API integration

    The addition of a news feed and user-friendly upload section for seamless engagement

    Robust infrastructure for scalable and efficient web application solution

    Partnering with Micro IT Solutions, Jellyfish Technologies brought to life SpaceHubb, a state-of-the-art recruitment application for the Defense and Space Manufacturing industry. Through planning, a responsive UI, and integrating third-party APIs, we delivered a platform that efficiently connects recruiters with job-seeking professionals.

    Great Britian


    Ayla App

    Web Application with Bill Tracking Software for Fintech with Improved UX and Responsive Design

    Enhanced user experience through front-end development, UI improvements

    High-end web app performance through top-notch audit and enhancements

    Improved performance facilitated audience engagement and business growth

    Optimized app infrastructure for scalability and robust data security

    Jellyfish Technologies collaborated with Ayla (formerly Noobill) to modernize their web application through front-end development, auditing, UI enhancements, and robust feature implementation, resulting in improved performance, data security, and an elevated user experience.



    Explore Our Logistics Software Development Solutions

    Discover our innovative logistics software development solutions, seamlessly integrating automation and advanced technologies. We integrate AI and ML algorithms for historical and real-time data analytics, identify demand, trends, and insights, and generate automated responses through chatbots. Experience the future of logistics management with our innovative solutions.


    Parking Management Software

    Our new-age parking software solutions streamline parking operations. From space availability tracking to automated payment processing, our intuitive parking management software simplifies operations. Enhance the user experience, reduce congestion, and maximize revenue. Upgrade parking facilities with our cutting-edge technology for seamless management.


    Logistics Route

    Our routing software solutions optimize your delivery planning and improve last-mile delivery success. Optimize delivery operations with our AI-enabled software solutions. Utilizing real-time route constraints, visualization, and historical data, we provide dynamic delivery route planning, tracking, and dispatch management.



    Our certified developers empower your logistics business with our AI-powered warehousing management software services, expertly built to enhance order and inventory management, streamline stock arrangements, optimize manpower allocation, and reduce transportation costs. Our IoT-based warehousing management software services simplify operations.



    Our advanced tech-enabled software solutions optimize your order processes. Experience efficient fulfillment, precise shipping, and real-time inventory tracking. Our AI-driven order management solutions adeptly manage on-demand requests and fleet allocation, ensuring a seamless and responsive approach to order fulfillment.



    Our dedicated developers harness game-changing technologies like AI and ML in our demand forecasting services. Our solutions empower enterprises to efficiently plan monthly orders, understand seasonal trends, streamline re-ordering processes, and minimize stock-outs.


    Driver Activity

    Our Driver Activity Monitoring software services employ advanced solutions for precise tracking and in-depth analysis of driver performance metrics. Leveraging real-time monitoring and behavior analytics, our solutions provide insights into driving patterns, ensuring improved safety, and operational efficiency.


    3PL and 4PL

    Explore our 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) and 4PL (Fourth-Party Logistics) software services, offering seamless supply chain solutions. We optimize logistics, warehousing, and transportation. From end-to-end management to strategic outsourcing, our services enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate your supply chain performance for sustained success.


    Analytics and BI

    Our custom analytics software solutions offer real-time information about transportation, shipping management, and routing operations. We offer demand forecasting, warehouse optimization, business-driven insights, and preventive maintenance features in your logistics ecosystem. Empower your operations with data-driven decisions, ensuring efficiency to enhance overall performance.


    Supply Chain

    We offer innovative software solutions in existing SCM systems to improve communication, tracking & monitoring, logistics management, transportation management, and automation. Our developers seamlessly integrate SCM with WMS, machine learning, IoT fleet monitoring, ERP, Blockchain, CRM, and more, enhancing supply chain visibility and optimization.

    Case Studies

    See how our healthcare management software development services have impacted real-world situations, showcasing the tangible outcomes of our expertise and client success stories.

    Payleadr: Online Payment Platform

    Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Payleadr, providing more flexible installment payment options to their customers, and now serves as a leading direct debit service in the region.

    We developed a gamified quiz solution that was integrated with banking web apps in partnership with the award-winning platform Be-IQ. As a result, the Be-IQ Profiler, which provides behavioral insights and detects financial vulnerability, enhances financial planning.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as a Logistics Software Development Company?

    Jellyfish Technologies offers logistics software development services, delivering cutting-edge solutions integrating automation, robotics, AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, autonomous vehicles, and drones. Our expertise in advanced technologies ensures efficient and future-ready logistics software solutions as per your project needs.

    Strong Logistic

    Jellyfish Technologies stands out as a logistics software development company due to our profound expertise in the logistics domain. Our team has a deep understanding of the core tech and logistics domains, ensuring that our solutions are technologically advanced and finely tuned to specific logistics needs.


    Jellyfish Technologies consistently delivers high-quality software solutions. Our custom software products are evident in the intuitive design, development, and implementation of logistics software. By adhering to industry quality standards, we ensure that our solutions are reliable, scalable, and meet the evolving demands of the logistics landscape.

    Fast & Flexible Team Scaling

    Jellyfish Technologies offers swift and flexible team scaling to meet your evolving logistics software development needs. Our agile approach enables us to quickly adjust team sizes, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness throughout the project lifecycle.

    Process Transparency

    We prioritize process transparency, providing you with clear insights into every stage of logistics software development. Our commitment to open communication and project visibility ensures that you are well-informed, fostering trust and collaboration.

    On-Time Delivery

    At Jellyfish Technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time. Our dedicated teams work precisely and adhere to timelines, ensuring that your logistic management solutions are deployed as scheduled, contributing to operational efficiency.

    13+ Years of Experience

    With a rich history spanning more than 13 years, Jellyfish Technologies brings extensive experience to logistics software development. Our dedicated professionals have successfully navigated diverse challenges, equipping us to provide you with reliable, industry-leading solutions.

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    Development Services?

    Ready to launch your vision? Our custom logistics software development team is geared up to bring your ideas to life. Let’s embark on your unique project journey together, creating tailored solutions for your business needs.

    User Guide To Custom Logistics Software Development

    Engagement Model

    Jellyfish Technologies offers versatile engagement models for logistics software development services, providing innovative solutions to match clients’ unique requirements. Let’s explore these engagement models:

    Dedicated Team

    Jellyfish Technologies’ dedicated team model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Team Augmentation

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a team augmentation approach and access to top-notch UI/UX design services tailored to your specific needs. Ideal for short-term support or filling skill gaps, this model provides flexibility and immediate access to the expertise required.


    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery, meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

    Connect with Our Logistics Software Development Experts

    Connect with our expert logistics software engineers to add advanced, certified developers who integrate the latest tech to transform your concepts into engaging and seamless user experiences.


      The total expense for developing logistics software depends on numerous variables.

      However, to give you a rough idea, here are some broad cost ranges:

      – Minimum Viable Product (MVP): A basic solution with core functionalities can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

      – Standard Logistics Software: For a more comprehensive suite with features like transportation management, warehouse management, and reporting, expect to pay between $70,000 and $300,000.

      – Highly Complex Enterprise Solutions: Customized software with advanced features and integrations can cost upwards of $500,000.

      As a competitive logistics software development company, we at Jellyfish Technologies build cost-effective and innovative software for transportation companies, according to the specific needs of your project.

      Yes, we have the expertise to upgrade your existing logistic software product. However, the upgrade of the software solution depends on various factors. As one of the leading logistic software companies, we ensure a tailored and seamless upgrade process, meeting industry standards and your unique business needs.

      What features do you want to upgrade?

      Are you looking for bug fixes, security updates, or new functionalities? Different upgrade types would require different approaches.

      Do you have specific new features in mind, or are you open to suggestions? Understanding your goals will help determine the best upgrade path.

      What is your budget and timeline?

      Upgrading complex systems can be resource-intensive. Knowing your budget constraints and desired timeframe will help prioritize and plan the upgrade effectively.

      Yes, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data is our top priority. As a logistics software development company, we implement robust security measures to safeguard your information. Our development practices adhere to the industry’s best standards, including encryption protocols, secure authentication mechanisms, and regular security audits. Additionally, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to legally commit to the confidentiality of your sensitive data.

      We offer comprehensive post-development support to ensure the smooth functioning of your logistics software. Our support services include:

      Bug Fixes and Updates: Addressing any issues or bugs that may arise post-deployment and providing timely updates to enhance software performance.

      Technical Assistance: Offering ongoing technical support to troubleshoot any issues, answer queries, and assist with user-related concerns.

      Software Maintenance: Conduct routine maintenance to keep the software up-to-date with the latest technologies, security patches, and industry standards.

      User Training: Providing training sessions for your team to ensure they are proficient in using the software, and offering additional training as needed.

      Feature Enhancements: Collaborating with you to explore opportunities for feature enhancements and improvements based on user feedback or evolving business requirements.

      Our commitment is not just limited to the development phase; we strive to establish long-term partnerships by supporting and evolving your logistics software to meet your changing needs.

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