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At Jellyfish Technologies, we understand that every business is unique, and your technical needs are as distinctive as your goals. Add certified IT staff to your team, such as software developers, business analysts, scrum masters, and QA specialists. Boost your project’s progress and scale up with our IT team augmentation services.

IT staff augmentation services

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Staff Augmentation Services We Offer

We at Jellyfish Technologies offer extended IT staff augmentation services and provide on-demand skills and resources for the scalability of your project. Following is the list of services we offer under the IT resource augmentation process:

Staff Augmentation

At Jellyfish Technologies, we augment your tech department with our certified resources, bringing the expertise you need. Build your custom development team with our varied skill set to convert your potential business goals quickly and more cost-effectively.

IT Outstaffing Consulting

We provide expert consulting on hiring options. We at Jellyfish Technologies assist in selecting the finest technology personnel, ensuring you acquire the specific tech staff required for your project from our extensive pool of IT experts. We convert your potential business goals faster and more cost-effectively with our cutting-edge solutions.

Dedicated IT Specialists

At Jellyfish Technologies, our focus lies on delivering dedicated teams tailored to specific project development needs like software development, mobile app development, DevOps Services,  API Integration, etc. Our IT professionals embody a high caliber of expertise in the latest technological advancements.

Remote Managed

We can either augment your tech department or fully become your outsourced IT department. Our teams provide remote managed services that span all technologies, and industries like fintech, insurtech, healthcare, etc. Our service enables you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while still maintaining overall oversight of the services we provide.

Long & Short-term Team Augmentation

Leveraging our 12-year IT legacy, we offer Short-Term Team Augmentation services for quick project support during in-house team unavailability. Also, our Long-Term Team Augmentation services fill skill gaps, accelerate in-house staff onboarding, and reduce costs for extended projects. We provide you with the right talent for your project needs.


Switching between IT development vendors can be challenging. Our team augmentation services ensure a smooth transition with an agile transformation of the project, minimizing disruptions and ensuring that project timelines are maintained without compromising on quality.

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    Our Dedicated Custom API Integration Work Mastery

    Our dedicated Software developers offer a range of benefits, with certified professionals skilled in emerging technologies like AI, low code/no code, and IoB. Hire dedicated software developers to integrate core tech strength and 24/7 support, ensuring seamless maintenance from code to production, offering your project success and scalability.


    State-Of-The-Art Cloud-Based Certificate Vault. Crafting Secure, Efficient, and User-Centered Digital Solutions

    Comprehensive analysis to assess web application functionalities and architecture

    Highly secure platform enabling seamless certificate upload and access, enhancing UX

    Blockchain-based solutions ensure the integrity and verification of uploaded certificates

    Robust data security measures implemented for a secure and  future-proof solution

    Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Patra Corporation to develop a secure cloud-based certificate vault, enabling instant access to financial documents, streamlining processes, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing costs. This results in a successful partnership with repeat business.




    Enterprise Billing Platform with New Features, Strategy-Based Pricing Models, and Streamlined Billing Processes

    Advanced features and functionalities for a seamless and secure billing process

    Customizable promotion strategies and integration of  strategies-based pricing models

    Data analytics for deeper insights into customer behavior

    Dedicated 24*7 support and maintenance for uninterrupted operations

    Jellyfish Technologies transformed jBilling’s open-source billing platform, adding new features, pricing models, customizable promotions, streamlined billing, and customer analytics, enhancing enterprise traction, and leading to acquisition by AppDirect as an independent subsidiary.



    Patra corp

    Billing System Upgraded To Node.Js, Ensuring Stability, Enhancing UX, and Maximizing Revenue

    Billing module stability with meticulous planning & research for revenue boosting solution

    Streamlined user experience through Node.js migration and UI/UX overhaul

    Increased revenue potential by transitioning to transaction-based invoicing

    Optimized for seamless operations through regular performance improvements

    Patra Corporation enlisted Jellyfish Technologies to upgrade its billing module to Node.js. With strategic planning and real-time collaboration, we delivered an optimized, revenue-boosting solution, helping Patra maintain its market leadership in the insurance industry.




    A Web Portal for Seamless Job Postings in The Space & Satellite Sector with a Multi-Point Intelligent Platform

    Innovative design for Defence recruitment and Job postings

    Advanced functionalities flourished with seamless third-party API integration

    The addition of a news feed and user-friendly upload section for seamless engagement

    Robust infrastructure for scalable and efficient web application solution

    Partnering with Micro IT Solutions, Jellyfish Technologies brought to life SpaceHubb, a state-of-the-art recruitment application for the Defense and Space Manufacturing industry. Through planning, a responsive UI, and integrating third-party APIs, we delivered a platform that efficiently connects recruiters with job-seeking professionals.

    Great Britian


    Ayla App

    Web Application with Bill Tracking Software for Fintech with Improved UX and Responsive Design

    Enhanced user experience through front-end development, UI improvements

    High-end web app performance through top-notch audit and enhancements

    Improved performance facilitated audience engagement and business growth

    Optimized app infrastructure for scalability and robust data security

    Jellyfish Technologies collaborated with Ayla (formerly Noobill) to modernize their web application through front-end development, auditing, UI enhancements, and robust feature implementation, resulting in improved performance, data security, and an elevated user experience.



    The Right Software Expert To Scale Your In-House IT Development Team

    Discover the perfect software experts to scale your in-house development team with precision. Leverage our certified developers at Jellyfish Technologies for seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, and accelerated project growth. Boost your development capabilities with the right qualified talent, aligned to your expectations.


    Software Developers

    As a renowned technical staffing augmentation company, we provide skilled professionals who specialize in software development. Our certified software developers prioritize stability and scalability, seamlessly incorporating the latest technologies to boost the productivity of businesses.


    eCommerce Developers

    We at Jellyfish Technologies understand the potential of every business. We provide a distinctively dedicated team of eCommerce developers to propel your business forward with our technical IT augmentation services. Our skilled team masters offer seamless UX, responsive design, and secure transactions that drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.


    Web Developers

    We are a team of qualified professionals providing dedicated developers for your web development projects. Our skilled web developers integrate trending technologies such as React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, and Django to take your project beyond excellence and enhance the user experience.


    Mobile App Developers

    Our skilled mobile app developers excel in crafting and maintaining applications across diverse industries—fintech, insurtech, proptech, healthcare, and more. Proficient in mobile app development, our qualified developers seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter, React Native, and SwiftUI, ensuring innovative and robust solutions for your specific industry needs.


    DevOps Engineers

    Our qualified DevOps engineers are dedicated to optimizing your development and operations processes. With expertise in automation, continuous integration, and deployment, they streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. With expertise in tools like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Slack, etc., our team ensures your software development lifecycle runs seamlessly from code to production.


    Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Assurance team ensures the excellence of your software products. From manual testing to automated processes, they ensure a flawless user experience. With a commitment to quality, our QA professionals are equipped with the latest tools like AI-powered testing, software composition analysis, etc., thus contributing to the reliability and success of your software solutions.


    UI/UX Developers

    We provide skilled developers to bring your digital vision to life, blending creativity with functionality. They craft intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces, ensuring seamless user experiences. Proficient in tools like Sketch, InVision Studio, and Adobe XD, our team creates designs that captivate and elevate your digital presence.


    AI & ML Experts

    Our AI & ML experts are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques. With expertise in the latest frameworks like Pytorch, Sonnet, and TensorFlow, they design and implement innovative solutions as per your project requirements.


    Cloud Experts

    Our skilled cloud experts are proficient in optimizing the performance and scalability of your infrastructure. With expertise in top cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we implement robust, secure, and scalable cloud solutions according to your business requirements.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as Your IT Staff Augmentation Company?

    We provide certified, highly skilled IT resources who are equipped with the excellence of tailored precision and innovation, allowing you to strengthen your business’s technological foundation and keep up with evolving trends. Let’s find out more about our key performance metrics:

    Diverse Agile Team

    We at Jellyfish Technologies provide certified individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives through our IT augmentation services, bringing together a spectrum of skills toward a common goal using agile methodologies. This ensures innovative problem-solving, increased adaptability & resilience, and the ability to tailor solutions to the project’s unique needs.

    Cost-Effective Services

    Jellyfish Technologies prioritizes cost efficiency, offering services that maximize value for your investment. Our streamlined processes and strategic resource allocation ensure you receive high-quality IT staff augmentation without compromising your budget, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership for success.

    High Quality & Flexibility

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a perfect blend of high-quality solutions and unparalleled flexibility. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project performs beyond expectations. Our flexible approach ensures your project meets its requirements, enhancing success in dynamic business environments.

    Experienced Software Engineers

    Opt for Jellyfish Technologies to access a team of certified software engineers. Our professionals bring years of expertise to the project, ensuring a depth of knowledge, precision in code to production, and the latest technology integration that accelerates project success.

    24*7 Dedicated

    Jellyfish Technologies stands out with round-the-clock dedicated support. We prioritize your success by providing regular assistance, ensuring that your IT operations run seamlessly at any hour. Our team is ready to address your concerns promptly and keep your projects on track.


    Jellyfish Technologies offers immediate resource augmentation services integrated with prominent IT staffing augmentation services. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures swift and efficient placements, allowing you to address urgent project needs promptly. Choose us for a quick response to your staffing requirements and accelerated project timelines.

    Ready to Get Started With Our Staff
    Augmentation Services?

    Ready to launch your vision? Our custom software development team is geared up to bring your ideas to life. Let’s embark on your unique project journey together, creating tailored solutions for your business needs.

    An Essential Guide to IT Staff Augmentation

    Engagement Model

    Jellyfish Technologies offers versatile engagement models for staff augmentation services, providing tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs. Let’s explore these engagement models:

    Dedicated Team

    Jellyfish Technologies’ dedicated team model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Team Augmentation

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a team augmentation approach, bolstering a client’s in-house team with specialized skills, fostering collaboration, and optimizing project results. Ideal for companies aiming to enhance their workforce with specific expertise for better project outcomes.


    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

    Connect with Our Staff Augmentation Experts

    Connect with our IT staff augmentation experts to add advanced qualified developers to transform your concepts into innovative solutions and seamless user experiences.


      Staff augmentation involves seamlessly integrating skilled professionals into your existing team. We assess your project requirements, identify the needed expertise, and provide qualified developers temporarily. This flexible approach enhances your team’s capabilities.

      Staff augmentation involves supplementing your in-house team with external professionals, allowing for direct collaboration. In contrast, outsourcing involves delegating entire projects or tasks to external firms. Tech staff augmentation offers greater control, flexibility, and integration within your existing workflow. Elevate your outsourcing endeavors by strategically choosing to hire resources from India for the best IT staff.    

      Our technology staff augmentation services encompass a wide range of expertise, including software development, quality assurance, mobile app development, UI/UX services, data analytics, DevOps services, and more. Whether you require short-term support or long-term team augmentation, we deliver tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your project.

      Nearshore staff augmentation involves hiring talent from nearby countries and fostering cultural and time zone alignment. Offshore staff augmentation involves hiring talent from distant locations, often with cost savings as a primary driver.

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