Author: Ashish Goel


Gamification in Education: Enhancing Student Engagement Through Interactive Game-based Learning

Did you know? According to Brainy Insights, by 2030, the global gamification market in the education market is estimated to reach

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Exploring the Role of AI and Machine Learning in Personalized E-Commerce

The E-commerce sector is experiencing unprecedented growth year after year. According to Statista, global retail e-commerce sales reached an astounding $5.2

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Cloud Computing in Telecom Industry: Benefits and Trends

Cloud computing is being widely used by various industries, such as IT, business, and manufacturing, due to its numerous benefits. Now,

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Role of Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry

With the advancement of technology, various healthcare organizations have introduced telemedicine services to treat all kinds of needs of their patients.

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Top 5 Cloud Security Threats in 2023 and Ways to Avoid Them

With the growing need for security, companies are adopting cloud services to make jobs safe and convenient. According to Statista,  the global cloud

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Top 5 Data and Analytics Trends for 2023

In recent years, the growth in technology has introduced new ways to manage data. As of now, data analytics has the

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