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Jellyfish Technologies is a leading FinTech software development company, specializing in crafting innovative solutions for the financial industry. With expertise in the latest technologies and a commitment to excellence, we deliver bespoke FinTech software that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital financial landscape.


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FinTech Software Development Services We Offer

Explore our advanced FinTech software development services at Jellyfish Technologies. We offer unparalleled services like E-Wallet Integration, Mobile Banking Applications, Artificial Intelligence in Finance, and many more tailored to businesses’ unique requirements in the financial technology sector.

FinTech Software

Explore our unmatched FinTech software consulting services. Our expert consultants provide insights into niche identification, unique value propositions, optimal feature sets, architecture, UX/UI design, toolkit selection, security & compliance, and detailed implementation plans, ensuring the success of your FinTech venture.

Custom FinTech Software Development

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading finance software development company providing custom fintech software development according to your business’s unique requirements. Our qualified engineers integrate the latest technological solutions for bespoke software development.

Accounting Information

Our accounting management systems revitalize the financial processes of businesses. We are a fintech software company providing development solutions that streamline accounting processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficient financial reporting.

FinTech Mobile App

Transform your financial services with our FinTech mobile app development. Our expertise in crafting intuitive UI/UX designs and the latest technology integration provides innovative & secure mobile app solutions across multiple platforms—iOS & Android.

FinTech Software

Embrace FinTech software modernization to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech industry. Our services revamp and upgrade your existing systems, integrating the latest technologies and providing a smooth technological transition for enhanced performance and competitiveness.

Trading Software

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading finance software development company committed to providing businesses with innovative solutions. Our specialty is fintech custom software development leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance market analysis, execution, and automation.

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    Our Dedicated Fintech Software Development Work Mastery

    Our dedicated Software developers offer a range of benefits, with certified professionals skilled in emerging technologies like AI, low code/no code, and IoB. Hire dedicated software developers to integrate core tech strength and 24/7 support, ensuring seamless maintenance from code to production, offering your project success and scalability.

    FM Integrated

    Unify All FM Operations On A Single Platform To Enhance Efficiency And Cut Costs.

    Analyzed client’s operations and FM trends, and followed a structured dev process.

    Conducted constructive user testing sessions during the development phase.

    The work order and management feature was added to create, assign, and track.

    Enhanced facility managers to oversee service providers and suppliers.

    Integrated FM Group, a leading facility management provider, collaborated with Jellyfish Technologies to streamline operations. The developed platform integrates work orders, asset management, preventive maintenance, and vendor management, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.




    Empowers Brokers and Integrates With Top US Insurers For Swift Certificate Issuance And Optimal Premium Quotes.

    API integration module with configuration based approach.

    XML transports diverse data formats in a flexible and readable structure.

    The integration module has robust authorization mechanisms for secure data exchange.

    Underwriting questions for risk assessment stored in XML databases for insurance standards.

    Patra Corporation partnered with Jellyfish Technologies to develop a secure, web-based payment automation solution for premium finance in the insurance industry. The result improved task efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced the overall user experience.




    A SaaS Solution to Streamline Google Workspace User Management, Automating Tasks for Efficiency.

    Code optimized for seamless handling of synchronous requests and high-volume traffic.

    Integrated Google API, enhancing product functionality and connectivity.

    Real-time updates for unstructured data were generated using MongoDB

    Automated provisioning and de-provisioning users within Google Workspace

    Jellyfish Technologies facilitated the launch of Patronum (Bespin Labs). The developed platform streamlines Google Workspace tasks, offering enhanced control over user files, efficient sharing, copying, and backup options, adding another satisfied client to our list.




    Develop An Internal Insurance App For Daily Storage Of Client's Private Data By Employees.

    With planning & research, evaluated app functionalities and architectural needs.

    Developed a responsive UI with full accessibility, integrating Bootstrap design.

    Top-notch user experience drove the design, resulting in a clean, intuitive UX.

    App creates reports in CSV/PDF formats for data analysis and sharing.

    Heffernan, a leading US insurance brokerage, partnered with Jellyfish Technologies to develop a secure internal application for daily client data storage. The solution included robust authentication, responsive Ul, file storage, and report generation, resulting in a fast and secure data management system.


    Builder Digital

    Visual Solutions For Builders/Homebuyers And Provides Weekly Build Progress Reports Via Photos.

    Improved UI with enhanced design elements and navigation.

    24/7 maintenance & support for uninterrupted system reliability.

    Identified key features for mobile and web app performance enhancements.

    We addressed bugs, refining existing features for improved functionality & UX.

    Jellyfish Technologies collaborated with Builder Digital Solutions to create and deliver various visual marketing and engagement solutions for builders and new home buyers.



    Explore the Scope of Our Custom FinTech Software Development Services

    We provide fintech custom software development solutions and agile methods for banking, online payments, investing, etc. We offer building applications, processes, products, and business models in financial services. Redefine your fintech business, secure payments, and get smart business analytics with our bespoke financial software development services.


    Banking App

    Explore our banking app development services– our FinTech developers offer user-friendly banking applications. We provide fintech custom software development solutions for web and mobile banking, innovative open banking platforms, API integrations, digital asset management platforms, and online KYC, ensuring seamless operations.


    Digital Wallet

    Jellyfish Technologies specializes in delivering bespoke payment solutions that address unique requirements. Our services include digital wallet solutions, seamless peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, reliable digital money transfers, and innovative digital payment solutions. We incorporate a customized and innovative approach to enhance overall financial transactions.


    Insurance Software Development

    Explore Jellyfish Technologies’ insurance software development services for innovative solutions tailored to the insurance industry. From simplifying insurance underwriting, claims processing, and policy management to providing emerging insurance solutions, our developers ensure seamless integration of technology and excellence in the insurance sector.


    FinTech CRM Software Development

    We specialize in delivering smart solutions that enhance customer relationship management in the fintech industry. We offer user-friendly design, feature-rich CRM platforms, seamless payment API integrations, and innovative solutions designed to optimize client interactions and enhance FinTech operations.


    Payment App

    Redefine your financial transactions with our Payment App Development Services. Enable automated invoicing and seamless send/receive payments from diverse sources to your account. Our fintech custom software development facilitates low-cost money transfers, sales analysis, and transparency, ensuring an efficient financial ecosystem.



    Optimize your financial operations with our FinOps services to upscale your businesses. Our dedicated team of fintech developers specializes in cost management, financial efficiency, and cloud governance, ensuring your business achieves optimal financial performance in the dynamic landscape of modern operations.


    Financial Fraud Detection Software

    Mitigate risks effectively with our financial fraud detection software services. We at Jellyfish Technologies integrate advanced algorithms and analytics; we provide data security & privacy solutions to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding your financial operations with heightened security.


    Wealth Management Software

    Transform financial asset management with our wealth management software. Seamlessly track consumer trends, ensuring informed decision-making. Improve communication channels for enhanced client engagement, providing a sophisticated solution to optimize wealth management strategies and upgrade overall financial performance.


    Online Banking Software Development

    Revolutionize your banking experience with our online banking software development. Our certified finance software engineers develop software with secure and seamless transactions, real-time account management, and enhanced data security, ensuring your customers enjoy the convenience of modern online banking.

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    Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies as a Fintech Software Development Company?

    Prioritize Jellyfish Technologies as your FinTech software company for cutting-edge banking solutions. Our expertise lies in delivering innovative financial technology products, ensuring data security, and seamless payment API integration. We transform your financial operations and drive sustainable growth in the dynamic FinTech landscape.

    Security and Regulatory Compliance

    Jellyfish Technologies incorporates an emerging tech stack for security and regulatory compliance. From identity and access management to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and advanced AI/ML solutions, we fortify your systems. Our expertise extends to cutting-edge advanced threat detection, providing a resilient defense against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

    Dedicated Fintech Engineers

    We at Jellyfish Technologies are a team of dedicated finance software engineers. We provide expert developers for a particular niche, from code to production. Our fintech developers are highly qualified to provide innovative industry solutions with knowledge of industry trends, technological advancements, and advanced data security measures with quick time-to-market solutions.


    Jellyfish Technologies ensures quality assurance in projects with constructive testing methodologies. We undertake periodic testing from development to deployment of every product, guaranteeing the reliability, functionality, and performance of your FinTech solution through comprehensive testing, ensuring a seamless and error-free user experience.

    Agile Approach

    Jellyfish Technologies embraces an agile approach to dynamic and responsive software development. Our Agile methodology ensures flexibility, adaptability, and continuous collaboration, allowing us to swiftly respond to changing requirements and deliver a FinTech solution that encompasses customer satisfaction.

    AI/ML Driven Solution

    Experience an AI/ML-driven solution tailored to your FinTech requirements. We integrate advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, providing data-driven insights, automation, and enhanced decision-making capabilities for an intelligent and competitive financial solution.

    DevOps Approach

    We at Jellyfish Technologies offer a DevOps approach for streamlined development and deployment. Our DevOps practices ensure a seamless and efficient workflow, enabling faster releases, continuous integration, and collaborative development, ultimately optimizing the entire lifecycle of your FinTech software.

    Ready to Get Started With Our FinTech Software
    Development Services?

    Ready to launch your vision? Our custom fintech software development team is geared up to bring your ideas to life. Let’s embark on your unique project journey together, creating tailored solutions for your business needs.

    User Guide To Custom FinTech Software Development

    Engagement Model

    The engagement model for mobile app development services involves a collaborative approach tailored to client needs. Take a look at Jellyfish Technologies’ engagement model for mobile app development.

    Offshore Development

    Jellyfish Technologies’ offshore engagement model functions as an Offshore Development Center (ODC), delivering a tailored approach. This specialized center works exclusively on the client’s project, ensuring cost-effectiveness, scalability, optimized outcomes, efficiency, and high-quality standards.

    Dedicated Team Model

    Jellyfish Technologies offers a dedicated team approach, bolstering a client’s in-house team with specialized skills, fostering collaboration, and optimizing project results. Ideal for companies aiming to enhance their workforce with specific expertise for better project outcomes.


    Jellyfish Technologies’ project-based engagement model offers a structured approach for well-defined projects within a set scope, time, and budget. This model guarantees timely, on-budget delivery meeting quality standards, and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

    Connect with Our FinTech Software Development Experts

    Connect with our expert fintech software developers to add advanced, certified developers who integrate the latest tech to transform your concepts into engaging and seamless user experiences.


      A leading Fintech Application Development Company combines expertise in financial software development with a focus on innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions for the dynamic needs of the industry. Jellyfish Technologies is among the leading financial software development companies with its dynamic banking software development services and user-centric approach.

      Our team at Jellyfish Technologies comprises certified professionals with exceptional qualifications and expertise in FinTech development. As a distinguished fintech software development company, we excel at providing comprehensive solutions. Our fintech development services, delivered by experienced fintech software developers, embody excellence. We stand as a trusted fintech development company, offering top-tier fintech software services and providing unparalleled expertise in the dynamic field of financial technology.

      Our FinTech software development rates are competitive and tailored to project requirements. Contact us to discuss specific needs, and we’ll provide a customized quote ensuring cost-effectiveness and value for your investment.

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