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Web Application Development, Automated Mail Server Integration, Blockchain Implementation, and API Development

Cloud-Based Certificate Vault Development for Patra Corporation

Jellyfish Technologies partnered with Patra Corporation, a leading fintech provider, to develop a secure cloud-based certificate vault. Our team delivered a solution that facilitates instant access to financial documents, streamlines processing, enhances customer experience and reduces costs. Another successful collaboration with repeat business ensued.


Conducted comprehensive analysis to assess web application functionalities and architecture, ensuring tailored solutions
Implemented a highly secure platform enabling seamless certificate upload and access, enhancing user experience
Introduced blockchain-based solution, ensuring integrity verification of uploaded certificates, bolstering security and trustworthiness

Discover The Transformative Partnership Between Jellyfish Technologies And Patra Corporation, Culminating In The Creation Of A State-Of-The-Art Cloud-Based Certificate Vault. This Case Study Illuminates Our Prowess In Fintech Innovation And Dedication To Crafting Secure, Efficient, And User-Centered Digital Solutions

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