What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of devices, vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data and to be remotely monitored and controlled.

In the Internet of Things, all the things that are being connected to the internet can be put into three categories:

  1. Things that collect information and then send it.
  2. Things that receive information and then act on it.
  3. Things that do both.

Different types of sensors fall into the first category, devices which have these sensors and software to analyze and act, fall into the second and third category. As the internet connectivity changed a mobile to a smartphone, similarly it is changing vehicles to smart vehicles, homes to smart homes, devices to smart devices and so on.

The applications of IoT are endless. Startups and technology companies all over the world are developing new IoT based products and services almost every day.

IoT Applications Outsourcing Services

Jellyfish Technologiesis providing IoT applications outsourcing services in home and vehicle automation sector. We understand the technology, user expectations and have the experience of delivering IoT products. Rudra and Smart Socket are IoT based products developed by us.

We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients, i.e. we deliver end-to-end solutions or individual features. We can develop product of any complexity from scratch or contribute to an ongoing project.

IoT Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading IoT software development company. We provide IoT application outsourcing services, IoT application development services, IoT software development services and IoT application developers for hire.

If you are IoT startup or company, we can help you implement your idea. Apart from this, we are expert in mobile application development, web application development, API integration, Blockchain implementation and quality assurance.

We work in all the major technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, NodeJs, Grails, Python, JavaScript, Android, Angular, React, Ionic and ios. We have a cross-functional team of experienced front-end, back-end engineers, QA engineers and database administrators.

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