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Project Type

Web Application


About the Client

Since its foundation in 2010, Bespin Labs has been a leading provider of automation and cloud solutions to organizations of all sizes. It has envisioned a world where every business can take full advantage of best-in-class solutions to become more efficient through technology and improved business processes.

The company is trusted by many of the world’s most well-known organizations to help them deliver real business value through technology, automation, and more recently, AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Business Requirements

The company was looking for a development partner to convert its CEO’s vision of creating a SaaS product to extend and manage Google Workspace. The software would help IT organizations manage the starters, leavers, and movers processes of their Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) users and help save time by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks.

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Our Solution

After working closely with the leaders of Bespin Labs, we developed the following product:


With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, Bespin Labs launched Patronum ( in the market.

As of now, several large to mid-size organizations are using Patronum to automate all the administrator and user tasks within Google Workspace.

The platform provided our clients with greater control over their users' Google Drive files and folders, enabling them to share, copy, and backup files with ease. Additionally, the platform allowed them to locate and search for users within their G Suite hierarchy while providing an option to share their contacts through labels.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list.

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