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How Augmented Reality Apps Reshaping the Future of Travel and Tourism Industry

Augmented Reality Apps Reshaping Travel and Tourism Industry

We have encountered augmented reality in many games and face filter apps. The technology is now changing drastically and has introduced augmented reality technology in various industries to enhance their customer experience.

Statista report highlights that augmented reality technology is estimated to rise by $198 billion by 2025. It will be a huge transformation of customer experience.

With other industries, the travel and tourism industry is also experiencing its benefits and leveling up the travel experience for the customers.

Augmented reality has the power to reshape the travel and tourism industry with its highly appealing virtual experience of the places tourists want to visit.

Now, let’s look at the scope of augmented reality applications in the travel and tourism industry in detail.

Importance of AR In Travel and Tourism Applications

  • 01. Easy Information Access –
    Travelers demand every bit of information about the place they want to visit before starting the trip and the information gathering never stops. AR technology helps provide real-time information anytime and anywhere with any device. Mobile phones provide easy access to all of the information that a customer requires.
  • 02. Better comfort and convenience –
    AR-based travel app works as a digital travel guide 24*7. It makes everything easier from the beginning like finding a suitable place, making bookings, destinations, food, etc. It also eliminates language barriers.

  • 03. Enhanced marketing and advertising –
    AR technology provides a visualized tour of the service and property of the place. It gives an advantage to the travel companies to present an imaginative or unique virtual experience to customers. This helps build trust in the minds of customers and enhances marketing and advertising. Providing interactive content to the customers can boost marketing drastically as it attracts and gives real-time experience to the customers.
  • 04. Makes tourist places attractive –
    AR’s 3D characteristics make tourism locations appear more appealing. It enhances the appeal of a location by displaying art, culture, and architecture in a manner that is conducive to visitors. If AR technology’s capabilities are appropriately leveraged, the miracles that it is doing in the travel and tourist business can reach new heights.

Scope of AR In The Travel and Tourism Industry

  • 01. Hotel Interactivity –
    Many hotels use AR objects like 3D views to show every corner of their room and provide unique services to their customers through their travel applications. Providing detailed information to the audience in a highly interactive way to help increase bookings and build trust. Hence, improving services with AR-based technology that provides navigation to places and interactive elements will add value to the industry in the future.

  • 02. Augmented Destinations –
    Another scope of AR-based technology is for destinations and tourist places. AR-based applications provide augmented tours of travel sites via smartphone applications, giving customers a real-time sense of the location. Another magic-like feature of augmented reality is that by pointing the camera at the monument, it can present the whole history of the place on your mobile phone. This provides great learning and experience for the customer. We’re highly likely to witness such features shortly.
  • 03. AR-enabled Navigation Apps –
    Augmented reality-based applications make sure that their traveler does not get lost in a new unknown place. These navigation apps help passengers reach their destination regardless of where they are, where they are going, or what language they are speaking. AR-based navigation apps provide a real-time street view with an arrow to make finding directions easy. The best example of an AR-based navigation app is Google Maps.

  • 04. Eliminates Language Differences –
    Using AR-based applications to travel to new nations and places would be easier because the language barrier would be eliminated. Previously, customers had to hire a translator guide, but now, with the help of augmented reality, translation can be done quickly and effortlessly right on your phone. These apps translate signs or text instantly and give customers an interactive experience.
  • 05. Hotel Marketing and Advertising with the Help of AR –
    AR is an appealing technique to advertise your hotel, location, or destination. Customers can explore these via mobile phone apps, and travel companies can advertise them in innovative and engaging ways to boost bookings and sales.

    • AR can help find nearby tourist destinations
    • AR gives suggestions for bars, restaurants, and cafes
    • Ease transportation with its navigation system

    These are features that attract the customer to your AR-based mobile application. Another way of advertising is using Beacon technology with AR. It allows marketers to advertise their brand or offer through push notifications as soon as customers enter their nearby areas. Through a notification, customers can visit their offers, menu, rates, etc.


The scope of Augmented reality will keep growing with the higher demand of the consumer and technological advancement. AR-based technology can help one discover new opportunities as now the travel industry is starting to see its benefits and its scope for the future.

AR can ease the work for customers, marketers, and travel agencies. In this article, we discussed some points that can help you understand the future of Augmented reality.

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