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Augmented Reality: A Game-Changer for Multiple Industries

Augmented Reality: A Game-Changer for Industries

Intense utilization of augmented reality across various industries implies its tremendous potential to transform a user experience into a more immersive one. It equips users to blur the lines between the real and digital world and engage more with the environment, resulting in improved investment-related decision-making.

According to MarketsandMarkets,  by 2026, the global augmented market revenue is predicted to be USD 88.4 billion with a CAGR of 31.5 % between 2023 and 2026.

A majority of industries are on the row to readily integrate augmented reality technology into their service delivery. For instance, augmented reality in the retail and e-commerce industry is redefining the shopping experience for buyers by allowing them to visualize a product or clothing accessory even before buying it. To conclude, AR saves buyers time, effort, and money.

In this blog, we will discuss how augmented reality is taking the world by storm and what industries are benefiting from it.

But, before that, let’s understand what augmented reality means and why different industries are going gaga over it.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technical attempt to overlay computer-generated images onto the real-world environment to produce a compounded view, creating immersive and engaging surroundings for users. This enhanced perception of reality to a user is termed augmented reality— adding more to reality.

Smart glasses, headsets, smartphones, and tablets are some of the devices required by users to experience this technology. According to Statista,  the consumer and enterprise AR glasses revenue is estimated to climb to 35.06 billion US dollars in 2026, indicating a momentous user inclination toward augmented reality.

Returning to the topic of discussion, below are industries that are eager and frequently using AR in their business workflow for extensive customer engagement.

Which Industries are Integrating Augmented Reality?

Industry leaders are extracting the enhanced real-world perception offered by AR and integrating it into their B2C interaction. Presently, AR is not only limited to the gaming and entertainment industry but is actively incorporated by other industries, such as e-learning, design, and modeling.

Let’s understand how industries are helping clients with better decision-making and improved knowledge acquisition with the assistance of AR.

Gaming and Entertainment Sector –

Attributed to introducing augmented reality to common individuals, the gaming and entertainment industry is the pioneer in using it for commercial purposes. Games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite captured the attention of avid gamers, sparking widespread excitement and bringing augmented reality to the forefront of public consciousness.

Real Estate Sector –

Recently, the real estate industry has drastically transformed the way property investors used to interact, for instance, it eliminated the need to physically tour shortlisted property listings which was both a time-consuming and highly tedious process!

Virtual showings, architectural mockups, and design staging can easily be showcased to remote prospective buyers from a realtor’s office within a few clicks using apps like Vera, MagicPlan, RealAR, and Curate by Sotheby’s.

Furthermore, AR has unkeyed the doors to consumer base expansion by offering immense opportunities to carefully decide before buying.

Healthcare Sector –

The healthcare sector is another domain thrilled with the creation of AR. Surgeons equipped with head-mounted AR devices can now accurately and efficiently assess a patient’s vital signs, eliminating the risk of misreading or misinterpreting data. However, the benefits of AR extend beyond this aspect. It is transforming the entire healthcare ecosystem, providing valuable opportunities to enhance patient care delivery.

Sectors like medical education, nurse training, medical imaging, and dentistry are also enhanced with the integration of AR. AccuVein, ARnatomy, and VIPAR are some recent applications that have advanced healthcare and training along with reducing costs and maintaining affordability.

Product Design and Modelling –

Product designing entails sketching and computer-aided designing (CAD) modeling to envision a product’s shape. But traditional media, such as papers or computer screens are incapable of demonstrating the real-world spatial arrangement of an item. Therefore, augmented reality offers tools to assess the size and possibilities throughout the process of product development.

Augmented reality streamlines product development by integrating other prototyping methods, such as 3D printing or other virtual elements. This mixed-reality prototype equips designers with excessive control over tweaking, iterating, and analyzing the product throughout its creation.

Construction Industry –

Augmented Reality in the construction industry assists in advanced planning and visualizing projects before initiating construction. It prevents errors, correctional expenditure, miscommunication, and unnecessary reworking.

Project planning and modifications, onsite information, automated measurements, team collaboration, and safety training are assured benefits of aligning AR with construction.

Tourism Industry –

The tourism Industry is rapidly integrating AR and allowing travelers to engage with travel destinations and accommodations, such as touring a resort or hotel before finalizing. Furthermore, AR has also revolutionized tourist maps by making them more informative and engaging.

Today, even visitors are using smart AR navigating apps to effortlessly explore foreign cities and popular destination spots. World Around Me, Smartify, Senditur, and Viewranger are examples of augmented reality apps that open boundless possibilities to experience travel and tourism at another level.

Repair & Maintenance –

The maintenance and repair industry is reshaping itself with AR-powered advanced applications by guiding technicians with predictive maintenance strategies. Electrical, wiring, plumbing, and system equipment can be efficiently monitored using AR for an extended lifecycle, maximizing asset uptime.

Additionally, AR applications have the potential of a personal assistant to guide technicians to proceed in a determined manner, eliminating the hassle of conventional guides and instructions.

Education Sector –

Augmented reality helps students achieve more knowledge absorption through visualization and creating more immersive environments. It is emerging as a virtuous technology for acquiring and improving knowledge through interactive and simulated learning. Indeed, major knowledge-based brands are using it to make their business more lucrative.

AR in the teaching and learning industry assists students with personalized learning schedules, adaptive assessment, content creation, virtual teaching assistance, data analytics, smart feedback and grading, language learning and translation, skill development and job matching, and intervention and learning support.


In the present scenario, augmented reality (AR) plays a crucial role in facilitating highly productive interactions between industries and customers. This, in turn, leads to elevated client satisfaction, increased knowledge absorption, informed investment decisions, and significant time savings.

Jellyfish Technologies assists its clients in taking their business to another level with integrated AR software services. We identify the business needs followed by technical consultation, rendering adequate services, such as prototyping, designing, development, testing, deployment, and support throughout the collaboration.

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