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Everything You Need to Know about Financial Technology (FinTech)

The combination of finance and technology has created a boom in various finance parameters like banking, investment, trading, cryptocurrency, and a lot more. With this article, we will explore the basic idea of Fintech and its approach so far. Let’s start with:

What is Fintech?

Fintech is an acronym used for Financial Technology. It combines financial operations tasks with emerging technologies to provide an effective financial ecosystem. So far, Fintech has marked its feature in the financial market that will continue to dominate the financial sectors, business models, retail banking, insurance & broker services, commercial banking, wealth & investment management, etc.

Fintech is undoubtedly the future of financial markets. Most of the global financial organizations are investing actively in Fintech. They are applying Fintech to generate banking & payment apps, online transactions via Artificial Intelligence and big data, highly secured protocols, and faster payment measures. Examples like banking software and mobile banking apps considered highly beneficial in the Fintech industry.

The basic concept revolves around the combination of traditional banking operations with the latest in-demand digital technologies and big data.

Impact of Fintech on Banking and Insurance Sectors

The growth of Fintech has provided benefits to the following parameters of banking and financial sectors:


Fintech has modified the traditional banking systems and has given a wide platform for market-based lending. Loans are now easily available to consumers. The organizations are more concerned about improving the customer experience, financial services & products, and quick loan approvals.

Payment Services

The payment methods are severely impacted by Fintech services. It reduces the requirement for a merchant’s account. Safe money transactions can be made without any risks, additional transaction fees, and security threats.

Wealth Management

Fintech has provided a simple and secure way of saving consumers’ money, asset management, and capital investments. With the latest financial technologies, Fintech companies focus on providing personalized solutions for handling investments by the individual.

Insurance Services

With personalized plans, the insurance process can be done online. With the Fintech services, the use of paperwork has been reduced. The insurance journey from the application process to the payment premiums has been made hassle-free and quick.

Some Domains Where Fintech Is Trending:

Mobile Banking

Nowadays, the majority of people are using the internet via smart devices. It is very beneficial for bringing the technology on mobiles as people find it more easy and convenient. According to a recent survey conducted by the Digital Banking Consumer Survey, the number of individuals using smartphones for banking services is continuously increasing. Mobile banking has benefited consumers in handling money easily and other bank-related services without visiting the physical branch.

Digitized Banks

The digitization of banks has led to the rise of the use of Internet or mobile applications to carry out financial transactions. With the continuous growth in the count of mobile and internet users for banking processes, the digital-only bank’s trend is continuously increasing. Security measures are undertaken via two-factor authentication techniques. Some of the examples of digital banks are Revolut and N26. These banks with their apps allow their customers to manage the money on the go in a hassle-free manner.

Artificial Intelligence

The combination of AI and Fintech is considered to be a revolutionary one. AI eases out several banking tasks like data gathering, and data analysis and provides better client consulting for better investments. Many voice-operated assistants or chatbots have been created, that will improve customer experience. AI assists in detecting upcoming threats by monitoring the patterns of consumer behavior.

Biometric Technology

The financial and banking industries are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks and so does the Fintech Services. Security is the basic fundamental in the Fintech Industry. To provide a threat-free Fintech ecosystem, Biometric Technology was introduced. It maintains the security of the customer’s account and provides easy & quick logging sessions into an app.

Blockchain Technology

The financial services industry became one of the prior domains to fully undertake the features of blockchain. Blockchain is a regularly updating digital ledger ecosystem where the technology is used to develop blocks and record transactions permanently. It does not hamper the quality of the data. It can automate financial operations. Smart contracts are also used in blockchain to automate financial operations.

With blockchain in Fintech services, the KYC systems, loans & credit apps, Clearance & settlement agreements, and auditing procedures have completely transformed.


Undoubtedly, Fintech has emerged as a global service that has created a storm. It is managed by payments, data analytics, lending, and crowdfunding. From traditional currency to cryptocurrency, Fintech is advancing the entire financial industry globally. If you are searching for a Fintech software development company that offers innovative and reliable Fintech software development services, then Jellyfish Technologies is your ultimate stoppage. We offer Fintech app outsourcing services to US, Australian, and Canadian startups and enterprises. We can help you with mobile app development, web application development, API integration, Blockchain implementation, quality assurance, or any other custom requirements.

Our tech team has a good understanding of the technologies, compliances & user expectations and has experience in delivering high-quality Fintech products. Some of our milestones in Fintech solutions for customers are Payleadr, jBilling, and AppDirect. We customize our services according to the specific needs of our clients. We offer end-to-end solutions or individual features. Be it a product development from scratch or an already existing product needs advancements, we are happy to serve you with the best services.

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